Cost-Effective CBS Shields for Mission Critical Environments

Press Release from Leader Tech

Tampa, FL —Friday, March 22, 2013—When selecting electronic components for a mission-critical environment, engineers look for extreme durability, reliability and proven performance. Many times the design specifications for these projects are satisfied at the expense of project budgets. The balance between performance and budget is no longer a battle if you choose one of Leader Tech's CBS board- level shields.

Leader Tech's extensive line of CBS shields deliver on performance, flexibility and value. The two-piece shield construction includes a solderable fence and removable cover, allowing for easy installation, rework and repair. The company's proprietary in-house design and manufacturing processes give engineers the ability to create a highly customized, yet extremely affordable board level shield that delivers a Shielding Effectiveness up to 60 dB. By using a large assortment of "off-the-shelf" fence styles, customers can expect extremely short lead times and reduced product costs. Additional features such as special cutouts, vent holes and insulating materials can be also added to a standard design without incurring tooling or NRE charges. 

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