New TS-3032-C7 Digital Temperature Sensor Module

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Micro Crystal introduces the new TS-3032-C7, an ultra-low power (160nA) Digital Temperature Sensor Module with ± 1°C accuracy and 12-bit resolution (0.0625°C/step) for -40°C to 105°C operation.

The exceptional performance in ultra-low power of this temperature sensor that allows upper and lower temperature limits with interrupt functions and timestamp is enhanced with embedded Real-Time Clock circuit with integrated 32.768 kHz crystal. It provides all standard RTC functions (Date/Time, timer, alarm, external event), including best temperature compensated time accuracy (0.22 sec/day drift), and the novel trickle charger with charge pump.

This device provides real-time temperature monitoring and alarming at a 1-second refresh period.

Monitoring that your critical design our application remains in safe/expected operating temperature range has never been easier and at a so low power budget. This covers a wide range of compact applications like typically in metering solutions, POS, automation, health & medical devices, wearables and many more.

The product is already in mass production and samples are available on our website and is being introduced to our distribution channels.

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TS-3032-C7 Temperature Sensor Module


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