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  • Flex-Shield™ (HP) By The Zippertubing® Company

    Tin/Copper EMI-Shielded Expandable Sleeving, Aramid Core - Offers good EMI shielding (30 MHz to 1 GHz) and is currently used in the aerospace industry - Flex-Shield&trade is extremely flexible & lightweight, and is perfect for high-temperature applications (302°F) - This product is flame... Read More
  • Fabrication By Hughes Circuits Inc.

    Hughes Circuits Inc. (HCI) has a complete bare board fabrication facility with all manufacturing processes in-house. When you place an order with HCI, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a middle man. Our domestic production is focused on advanced technology, high quality, and... Read More
  • Fast Rise and Fall Time SDLA 2.0 - 18.0 GHz; 60 dB By AKON, Inc

    *FAST RISE AND FALL TIMES *EXCELLENT LINEARITY *COMPUTER TUNED AND TESTED *PRODUCTION READY *SIZE: 3.20” x 1.85” x 0.40” AKON is a leading manufacturer of RF/microwave components and subsystems for military, space and commercial applications. Akon’s product line includes high reliability,... Read More
  • Fast Stepping LO By AKON, Inc

    *EXTREMELY HIGH SPEED: 70 ns *500 MHz STEP SIZE VARIABLE OUTPUT *FIXED 5.5 GHz OUTPUT *5 BITS SINGLE ENDED TTL CONTROL *10/100 MHz STEP SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE *+/-8V POWER SUPPLY Akon has developed a series of fast stepping LOs with a step size as small as 10 MHz. Akon’s LO Assemblies use... Read More
  • fastFilm Laser Ablatable Chip Packaging Substrate By Taconic

    fastFilm 29 is a thin, laser ablatable substrate consisting of PTFE and a high concentration of ceramic. The very low 20 ppm/C Z axis expansion creates a reliable substrate for chip packaging. This non-reinforced core material is very homogeneous and suited for RF and digital applications which... Read More
  • fastRise(TM) By Taconic

    Multilayer non-reinforced prepreg designed to eliminate skew in differential transmission lines and eliminate Dk fluctuations caused by fiberglass in filter and coupler applications. fR-27 is a low temperature alternative to thermoplastic films in military designs. Read More
  • FCC Testing and Certification By F2 Labs

    F2 Labs can provide you with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Certification, Verification and Declaration of Conformity testing. Manufacturers who sell electrical and/or digital products in the United States must have their products tested by an accredited lab certified by the FCC. F2... Read More
  • FD-0518-10-812 Frequency Discriminator By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI Model No. FD-0518-10-812 is a 8.0 to 12.0GHz Frequency Discriminator that provides a video output of 50mV/GHz and has an accuracy of +/-200MHz. The rise time is less than 20nsec and operates into a 100 ohm video load. This model operates on +/-15VDC and measures 2.0" x 1.8" x 0.5". Other... Read More
  • Feedthrough Capacitor By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    We accept customed products according to your request. Read More
  • FEP By Polymer Plastics Corp.

    FEP, fluorinated ethylene propylene, has all the desirable properties of TFE (PTFE) but with a lower survive temperature of 200 degrees C (392 degrees F). Unlike TFE, FEP can be injection molded and extruded by conventional methods into rods, tubes, and special profiles. This becomes a design... Read More
  • Ferric oxide (black, iron red) By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: Fe2O3 CAS Number: 1309-37-1 Other Name: Iron(III) oxide Evaporation Material, High Purity Read More
  • FerriShield Products By Leader Tech

    For more than 25 years, FerriShield ferrites have been the preferred cable shielding solution for many of the world’s leading EMI Shielding Distributors,Sales Representatives and OEM’s. Since acquiring the company in 2006,Leader Tech has embraced the FerriShield philosophy of maintaining... Read More
  • Ferrite Magnets By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

    Integrated Magnetics stock Ferrite (also known as Ceramic) magnet materials in a variety of grades and shapes. We can custom machine these to specification with short lead times, or produce a custom magnetic assembly to drawing. Read More
  • FibeAir 4800 By Meridian Microwave LLC

    FibeAir 4800 product family is a carrier-class, low cost point-to-point wireless broadband system. It operates in the license-exempt 2.3 - 6 GHz bands and is suitable for service providers and enterprises that require immediate deployment and quick return on investment. FibeAir 4800 product... Read More
  • Fiber Optic By HUBER+SUHNER, Inc.

    Due to the broadband needs of today's communication fiber optic solutions are implemented more and more into mobile and fixed line networks. HUBER+SUHNER offers the leading fiber optic and hybrid systems for LTE (remote radio installations) but also newly developed products for Fiber in the... Read More
  • Fiber Optic Connectors By Ross FiberOptic LLC

    3M™ No Polish Connector is one of the best quick installation connectors with a unique built in strain relief and great pull strength. Read More
  • Fiber Optic Receivers By Michigan Scientific Corporation

    Fiber Optic Receivers from MSC include base analog signal receivers available in 2 or 4-channel bench-top enclosures and 6, 8, 10, or 12-channel 19" enclosures for bench-top or rack mounting. The MSC models FO-SR-x are versatile fiber optic receivers that provide a means to monitor the... Read More
  • Fiber Optic Systems By Michigan Scientific Corporation

    Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) is a leading manufacturer of Fiber-Optic based signal monitors for automotive component and full-scale vehicle EMI/RFI engineering and testing. MSC Fiber-Optic Systems have earned a reputation for superior stability that is necessary for monitoring... Read More
  • Fiber Optic Transmitters By Michigan Scientific Corporation

    MSC Fiber Optic Transmitters provide a reliable and accurate means of transmitting electrical signals over fiber-optic cables from sources in high field environments or anechoic chambers to monitoring equipment in a low-field area. MSC's base analog signal transmitter is a small 2-channel module... Read More
  • Fiber Optics By Avago Technologies

    Avago Technologies continues to be an industry leader, leveraging a proven history of innovative design and manufacturing expertise to provide optical solutions for commercial, consumer, automotive/industrial, and computing applications. Avago offers a complete portfolio of fiber optic... Read More
  • Fiber-Optic Cable Assemblies By Federal Custom Cable LLC

    Federal Custom Cable provides a wide range of standard fiber optic cables in various lengths. Our FC to FC Simplex or Duplex fiber optic cable assemblies are available in Single & Multi Mode. Similarly FC to ST, SC to ST, LC to LC, LC to SC, LC to ST, LC to SC and ST to ST Simplex or Duplex are... Read More
  • FiBO 250 Interferometer By PROMET International Inc.

    The FiBO 250 Interferometer provides the industry leading solution for fiber optic connector endface 3D geometry measurement and automated defect/contamination detection. A compact, fully portable design enables troubleshooting existing fiber installations, testing field-polished connectors or... Read More
  • Filter Catalog By Emi Filter Company

    EMI Filter Company currently offers filters in various filter configurations. Selection of the proper filter for your application is key to achieving the best overall performance in your system. The insertion loss values shown in this catalog are measured in accordance with MIL- STD-220 in a 50... Read More
  • FILTER DESIGN By Int'l. Certification Services

    If you don’t understand what you need in a line filter, let us help you to design and test for compliance. We have a large assortment and can get more to fit your application. This type of design and test work can be done directly at your site in a day or two at the most for most products. Read More
  • Filter Plates By The Phoenix Co of Chicago

    Selecting a partner for filtered connectors and cables requires broad capabilities in filter design, supported by connector innovation and manufacturing strength. Phoenix’s filter design strength, and manufacturing and test capabilities cover a broad range of standard and custom filtered... Read More
  • Filter, Switch Filter Banks, Diplexers and Multiplexers By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI offers the highest quality filters, switch filter banks, filter assemblies, diplexers, multiplexers for commercial and military applications in the frequency range of DC to 40GHz. Filter Types Offered: • Lumped Element • Combline / Interdigital • Narrow Bandwidth Cavity •... Read More
  • Filter/Limiter Assemblies By Networks International Corp

    NIC has introduced a new line of Filter/Limiter Assemblies designed to meet a variety of applications. Typical features are listed below. - Roofing & Narrowband filters with integrated limiter to handle high input power - SMT or connectorized (GPO, GPPO, SMA interfaces) available -... Read More
  • Filtered Power Entry Modules By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    F2100/F2199/F2200 Series - For common mode emissions or susceptibility applications - Integral IEC connector in space-efficient package - Ideal for linear power supplies in digital equipment - Ratings: 3, 6, 10 amps F2300 Series - Protection from pulsed, intermittent, or continuous... Read More
  • Filters By Spacek Labs Inc

    Filters are extremely important in systems. They reject unwanted harmonics of an LO, the other sideband in an upconverter, limit the band of an RF input or isolate channels in a transceiver. Below is a list of Spacek Labs filter products. Wide Bandpass Filters - Wide bandpass filters are... Read More
  • Filters By A1 Microwave Limited

    Waveguide and coaxial filters for satcoms, radars and point to point microwave links up to 50 GHz. Waveguide assemblies and components. Read More
  • Filters By Martek Power

    Martek Power offers Military and Industrial grade filters with up to 3,000 watts capacity. Our EMI filters designed for Industrial and Telecom applications come with full system monitoring and protection. Military and aerospace grade EMI filters for use with our standard DC power modules meet... Read More
  • Filters By Synergy Microwave Corp.

    Low Loss Small Size High Suppression Read More
  • Finger Stock EMI Gaskets By Leader Tech

    Leader Tech offers many standard off-the-shelf Finger Stock EMI Gaskets as well as the engineering and custom manufacturing experience to help you solve your application. Whether you need one prototype or a large quantity order, our EMI Shielding Team at Leader Tech is available to respond to... Read More
  • Fixed Attenuator 3910-3 By Coaxicom/Coaxial Components Corp.

    SMA male to female fixed Attenuator. DC-18 GHz VSWR: 1.35:1 max Read More
  • Fixed Attenuators By Aeroflex / Inmet Inc.

    RF Coaxial Fixed Attenuators in a wide selection of frequency ranges and power levels with attenuation values of 0 to 60dB. Read More
  • Fixed Attenuators By XMA Corporation

    DC-50 GHz - Up to 500 W Read More
  • Flange Mount Drop-In Isolator By UTE Microwave

    They are ideal for both small and high volume applications such as cellular, PCS, and communications. These economical units give high performance in micro strip and stripline applications where space and cost are important. Specifications: Isolation: 20 dB min Insertion: 0.50 dB Loss:... Read More
  • Flange Mount Drop-In Isolator & Circulator By Microwave Technology Corporation

    Frequency Range 3.60 - 23.60 GH Drop-In Isolator & Circulator In-house design, Fast delivery. Insertion Loss 0.5, VSWR 1.25:1 MTC offer a wide range of narrow and wide bandwidth RF and microwave isolators and circulators product in Coaxial and Drop-in configurations that extend from 200 MHz... Read More
  • FLANGED RF TERMINATIONS By Innovative Power Products, Inc

    IPP’s high power RF/Microwave termination line offers a compact, rugged, high power, high frequency solution to the most demanding applications. Choose from Tab and Cover, Flanged or Connectorized RF Terminations. IPP terminations are constructed on copper flanges and BeO ceramic for lowest... Read More
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits By American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    Flex and rigid-flex circuits have found wide use in electronics packaging. Some of the benefits of this form of packaging are: - High Reliability - Repeatable installations - Harsh environments - High Vibration - Conductor patterns maintain uniform electrical characteristics. Can predict and... Read More
  • Flex and twistable flex waveguide sections By M2 Global Technology Ltd.

    Flex waveguide is available in lengths up to 4 feet, in seemless brass, for waveguide sizes from WR28 through WR 284. Twistable flex is available in lengths up to 10 feet, for waveguide sizes WR28 through WR284; neoprene jacketing is available. Most flange options are available, and finishing... Read More
  • FlexFit™ flexible cable assemblies By Teledyne Storm Microwave

    Highly flexible miniature assemblies provide an option in cases where Storm Flex® 047 is too stiff or its flex life is too short. Ideal for applications requiring extremely low flex force. Stable microwave performance through 500,000 flexures. Well suited for use with tiny blindmate interfaces... Read More
  • Flexible Assemblies By Space Machine & Engineering

    Flexible & Flexible-Twistable Assemblies Available in the following waveguide sizes: WR10 thru WR650. The standard waveguide material is silver-clad brass. Seamless Flexible Assemblies Available in the following waveguide sizes: WR28 through WR650. Additional sizes and configurations are... Read More
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable Solutions By Micro-Coax, Inc.

    Micro-Coax offers a full range of coaxial cable solutions. Today, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-rigid cable and they are available in bulk or for custom configuration. Micro-Coax also offers various hand-formable and flexible cables for a wide range of applications and... Read More
  • Flexible Magnet Sheet By Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

    Flexible magnetic tape (or magnetic sheets), which are commonly used for refrigerator magnets, combine ceramic ferrite magnet powder with a flexible thermoplastic binder. The manufacturing process involves injection molding, which is well suited to high volume applications. The flexible nature... Read More
  • Flexible Waveguide By The Waveguide Solution

    The Waveguide Solution flexible waveguides are designed to isolate vibration, eliminate installation difficulties caused by misalignment and to provide a simple aid to positioning and alignment of antennas. Both flexible/twist and flexible only are made from a helically wound waveguide core and... Read More
  • Flow and Pressure Measurement Products By Schneider Electric

    The SCADAPack Transmitter sensor-based product line includes Gas Flow Computers with highly integrated PLCs, Modbus multivariable transmitters with integrated sensor technology, Modbus pressure transmitters, and products specifically designed for solar-powered installations, all based on rugged,... Read More
  • Fluke - Power Quality 434AN By TestMart

    3 Phase Power Quality Analyzers Read More
  • Fluke 27II/AN By TestMart

    Analog/Digital Multimeter Bundle Read More
  • Fluke 77-4BN By TestMart

    Multimeter, hand held: AC/DC, 1000 V, 10 A, 50 M Ohm, 9,999 micro F, 99.99 kHz, backlight Read More
  • Fluke Networks OPVS3-GIG/R/P/W/AN By TestMart

    OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer Pro Gigabit Bundle (OPVS3-GIG/RHD/PSVS, OPVS3-RHD, OPV-WNA3, OP-SFP-LX, Cat 5 Patch Cable, SM Fiber Patch Cable, MM Fiber Patch Cable) Read More
  • Fluke Precision 81N By TestMart

    50MHz Function/Pulse Generator Read More
  • FM Radio Receivers By Silicon Laboratories

    The Si470x FM radio receiver family is the industry's first to leverage digital integration and 100% CMOS process technology, resulting in a completely integrated solution that requires only one external supply bypass capacitor and less than 10 mm² of board space. Si4702/03 FM radio receivers... Read More
  • FM Radio Transceivers By Silicon Laboratories

    Si472x The Si472x is the first single-chip FM radio transceiver. The proven and patented digital architecture of the Si472x combines the functionality of the Si470x FM radio receiver with the Si471x FM transmitter, offering full FM receive and transmit capabilities in a single, ultra-small... Read More
  • FM Radio Transmitters By Silicon Laboratories

    The Si471x is the industry's first 100% CMOS, single-chip FM transmitter IC. The Si4712/13 are the industry's first integrated transmitters with Receive Power Scan (RPS). Si4710/11 FM radio transmitter with RDS and digital audio compression Si4712/13 FM radio transmitter with RDS, digital... Read More
  • Foundries, GaAs By RFMD

    In the world of compound semiconductor manufacturing for RF applications, GaAs makes up the largest subset. RFMD is the world’s leading manufacturer of GaAs compound semiconductors. Our broad manufacturing resources enable us to deliver foundry services optimized to best meet our customers’... Read More
  • Frequency Components By Spectrum Microwave, Inc

    Spectrum Microwave’s expertise in standard high performance designs covers multiple disciplines including: – Low Phase Noise Amps – High Frequency Amps – Low Noise Amps – High Linearity Amps – High Reverse Isolation Amps – Filtered GPS LNAs – Higher Power Amps - Custom Amps - RF... Read More
  • Frequency Discriminator By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI offers a full line of RF and Microwave frequency discriminator products that range from a few MHz up to 40.0GHz. Many options are available. If you do not see exactly what you require on this web site please contact us because we offer designs that are built to your specifications at... Read More
  • Frequency Multipliers By Spacek Labs Inc

    Spacek Labs offers both custom and standard designed active and passive multipliers in a frequency range of 10 to 110 GHz. Our active multiplier line includes 2 thru 8 times multiplication factors operating all the way through W-band. Our passive multiplier line utilizes variable-resistance... Read More
  • Frequency Sources By Spacek Labs Inc

    Spacek Labs offers three categories of frequency sources. Gunn Oscillators - These are a relatively inexpensive stable source that can be fixed, mechanical or varactor tuned. Frequency Synthesizers - A lower frequency synthesizer is multiplied, amplified and filtered to produce a... Read More
  • Frequency Synthesizers By Rodelco Electronics Corporation

    Rodelco Electronics has designed and delivered numerous custom RF and Microwave Frequency Synthesizers to the Military and Aerospace marketplace. We have delivered Frequency Synthesizers that meet stringent phase noise, stability and reliability requirements to our customers’ specifications.... Read More
  • Frequency Synthesizers By Synergy Microwave Corp.

    Exceptional phase noise Standard programming interface Wide bandwidth Small size surface mount Rel-Pro patented technology RoHS compliant Read More
  • Front Ends power supplies By Martek Power

    Martek Power is a market leader in designing and manufacturing AC front end and DC front end power supplies. Many of the front ends are hot swappable / hot pluggable and parallelable power supplies for N+1 applications. Our front end power supplies work over a broad AC (85 -270 Vac) or DC (36 -... Read More
  • Front-end Low-noise Amplifiers for Set-top Box Applications By Skyworks Solutions Inc.

    Skyworks offers two new broadband, 75 Ohm MMIC front-end, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) designed specifically for set-top box applications: the SKY65450-92LF (with bypass mode) and the SKY65452-92LF. These devices provide high linearity and excellent gain over a wide frequency range (40 MHz to 1... Read More
  • Front-end Modules for Smart Energy-Connected Home and Automation 802.15.4, ISM and ZigBee® By Skyworks Solutions Inc.

    Designed with cost and space savings in mind, Skyworks Front-End Modules combine the company's industry-leading power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifiers (LNA) and switch functions into single low-cost, laminate-based multi-chip modules (MCM). Key features of the transmit FEMs include... Read More
  • FST Series By EM Research Inc

    Extremely fast switching synthesizer, <1 µSec. Power consumption< 1 watt. Frequencies from 20 to 6600 MHz. Supply voltage +5 VDC @ 500mA. Available step sizes down to 1 KHz. Phase noise (Fout = 6 GHz) <-115 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz. FST Series, designed for extremely fast switch speeds of less than... Read More
  • Fully Integrated and High Linearity Sub 1 dB NF Low Noise Amplifiers By Skyworks Solutions Inc.

    Skyworks Solutions offers Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) products meeting the needs of cellular infrastructure, WLAN, WiMAX, ISM, and all applications requiring low noise amplifiers from DC to 6 GHz. Skyworks offers MMIC products in Enhancement Mode (E Mode LNA) and Depletion Mode (D Mode LNA) pHEMT... Read More
  • Fundamental Frequency (wideband) Tuners By Focus Microwaves Inc

    Coax 10MHz to 65GHz; Waveguide 26GHz to 110GHz - Frequency bands and bandwidths: up to 5 octaves (0.1-1.2GHz, 2-50GHz, 0.4-18GHz, etc..) - VSWR from 10:1 to 200:1 - Power ranges between 10W and 400W CW. Read More
  • FX Series By Sinclair Technologies

    Sinclair’s FX2300/FX2400/FX3400/FX4500 series cross-band couplers allow transmitters and receivers operating in frequency bands between various frequency ranges from VHF, UHF to up to 2500MHz to share a common feed line for a multi-service base station or to share a common antenna in urban... Read More