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  • G2 Series By Universal Switching Corporation

    Our Series G2 product line has been introduced for a new millennium where demands for performance, quality and cost effective switching products are in high demand. Series G2 modules provide a flexible solution to most switching applications in the communications, ATE and broadcast industries.... Read More
  • G3VM MOSFET Relays By Omron Electronic Components LLC

    Perfectly suited for Automated Test Equipment, Medical Equipment, Instrumentation, Security Equipment, Automated Meter Reading, Automotive Diagnostic Equipment, and Communications. Available in 1 and 2-Pole configurations in PCB, SMT, DIP, SOP, and SSOP packaging. Other options include current... Read More
  • Gadolinium oxide By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: Gd2O3 CAS Number: 12064-62-9 Evaporation Material, High Purity Read More
  • Gain Equalizers By Aeroflex / Inmet Inc.

    High performance fixed or adjustable Gain Equalizers designed to compensate for a variety of insertion loss slopes for cable and TWT applications. Read More
  • Gallium antimonide By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: GaSb CAS Number: 12064-03-8 Read More
  • Gallium Arsenide By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: GaAs CAS Number: 1303-00-0 Read More
  • Gallium Nitride By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: GaN CAS Number: 25617-97-4 Read More
  • Gallium Phosphide By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: GaP CAS Number: 12063-98-8 Read More
  • GaN Amplifiers By Empower RF Systems, Inc

    Empower has a versatile product line and has become a leader in the design, development and production of Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amplifiers. Although Empower has many product lines encompassing state-of-the-art Bipolar, MOSFET, LDMOS and GaAs FET devices, GaN has become the marquee... Read More
  • GaN Power Amplifiers Up to 40 Watts By CTT, Inc.

    CTT’s GaN power amplifiers are configured specifically for high output power, small size and high operating temperature range. The design of this family of power amplifiers has evolved from CTT’s long experience in MIC technology, in combination with the utilization of the latest available GaN... Read More
  • Germanium By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: Ge CAS Number: 7440-56-4 Read More
  • Giga-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors By Johanson Manufacturing Corp

    Giga-Trims® are tiny trimmer capacitors which provide a straight-forward technique for fine RF and microwave circuits by eliminating time consuming methods of abrasive trimming, cut and try adjustment techniques, and interchange of fixed capacitors. Read More
  • GigaWave Viewer By SynaptiCAD the Timing Diagram Editor Company

    GigaWave Viewer combines SynaptiCAD's WaveViewer with our high-performance gigawave compression engine to create the lowest cost waveform viewer capable of handling multi-gigabyte VCD files. Gigawave viewer also comes with a PLI-based library (coming soon) that can be integrated with your... Read More
  • Glastic By Polymer Plastics Corp.

    Glastic is a group of thermoset fiberglass-reinforced polyester insulating products produced by the Glastic company. This asbestos-free product line offers strength, excellent electrical properties and dimensional stability. Various grades feature flame resistance, high resistance to carbon... Read More
  • GMDA-D1003 Detector Log Video Amplifier (DLVA) By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI Model No. GMDA-D1003 is a Detector Log Video Amplifier (DLVA) that operates between the 7.0 to 18.0GHz frequency range. It has a dynamic range of 75dB, a log slope of 25mV/dB and a nominal video bandwidth of 12MHz. Furthermore, it has been designed using cutting edge GaAs technology which... Read More
  • GMTA-1005 Threshold Detector By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI Model No. GMTA-1005 is a threshold detector designed to operate over the frequency range of 8.0 to 18.0GHz. It has a fixed threshold level of -42dBm with threshold stability of +/-3.0dBm over frequency and temperature. Read More
  • GNN 6150 - NetTest - 6150Handheld LED Light Source By TRS-RenTelco

    Handheld multimode light emitting diode (LED) light source. Continuous wave (CW) or 2 kHz modulation. Comes with an AC charger and soft transit case. Powered by AC power, rechargeable Nicad batteries or alkaline batteries. 0.05 dB stability over 8 hours. Read More
  • Gooseneck Antennas By Southwest Antennas

    Gooseneck antennas feature an integrated length of flexible, posable coaxial gooseneck attached to the antenna radome, allowing the antenna to be positioned by the user to maximize link gain or to reduce co-site interference. These antennas are ideal for use on hand-held or bodyworn radio... Read More
  • GPS Antennas By Southwest Antennas

    GPS antennas provide precise global location and timing services to radios or other electronic systems based on signals recieved from orbiting satellites. Active GPS antennas contain additional electronic components and filters which improve antenna performance. Read More
  • GPS Antennas By Myers Engineering International, Inc. (antennas.us)

    GPS Antennas from Antennas.US include the UC-1614-341RS, a Quadrifilar Helix antenna. The UC-1614-341RS is a Quadrifilar Helix antenna (4 cm/1.5" OD x 11 cm/4.5" H) designed for use with GPS L1, 1.5754 GHz receivers, Russian GLONASS Navigation System and 1.6 GHz Iridium... Read More
  • GPSDM700/2500FFS By Pulse Electronics/Larsen Antenna

    Pulse is proud to introduce a new state-of-the-art direct mount multi band antenna. This body mount antenna operates from 698 thru 2485 MHz, including LTE, and is available with or without GPS. Coming in Q3 2012: 5 GHz capabilities added to the antenna. The antenna is ideal for voice,... Read More
  • GrooveTube® Low Loss Cables By MegaPhase LLC

    This system cable is made with our industry-leading GrooveTube® and is used in any application where low loss and/or phase stability are critical. Uses include phased array radar, electronic warfare radar systems, and high reliability interconnects. MegaPhase's 1 and 2 Series cables are ideal... Read More
  • GSA603-12T 1MHz to 3GHz 18dB gain By GRASEN TECHNOLOGY LLC

    Broadband flat gain from 1MHz to 3GHz InGaP HBT amplifier Package size 0805 DFN. Read More
  • GSA606-12T Broadband Gain Block By GRASEN TECHNOLOGY LLC

    1MHz to 6GHz 15dB flat gain InGaP HBT gain block. Package size 0805 DFN Read More

    1MHz to 12GHz 12dB gain, with up slope, Gain Block. Package size 0805 DFN Read More

    1MHz to 4GHz 12 dB gain Medium power, +20dBm, gain block InGaP HBT process. Package 0805 Read More

    1MHz to 4GHZ medium power gain block. 12 dB gain +20dBm at -1dB GCP. InGaP HBT consturction. Package: SOT89 Read More
  • GX Series - Group Switching Matrices and Multiplexers (Analog & Digital) By Cytec Corp

    Cytec GX Series is used to build Group or Gang switches from 2 to 2000 wires. A variety of different modules can be custom configured to switch virtually any type of signal and can be wired out to any type of connector. Group Multiplexers switch any one of several groups of input signals to a... Read More