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  • M Series By LEMO

    M series connectors are lightweight triple-start ratchet coupling type connectors designed for avionics, aerospace, military, security, motorsport and heavy duty applications. The products is a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf), fulfil various MIL –spec requirements and answer most of the... Read More
  • M5045 2-Port 4.5 GHz Analyzer By Copper Mountain Technologies

    The M5045 is a 2-port, 4.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer that delivers metrology-grade performance in a more economical package that excludes a number of advanced features: Vector Mixer Calibration TRL Calibration Frequency Offset Time Domain Gating VNAs and ACMs are delivered with factory... Read More
  • M5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer By Copper Mountain Technologies

    The M5065 is a 2-port, 6.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer that delivers metrology-grade performance in a more economical package that excludes a number of advanced features: Vector Mixer Calibration TRL Calibration Frequency Offset Time Domain Gating VNAs and ACMs are delivered with factory... Read More
  • M5090 2-Port 8.5 GHz Analyzer By Copper Mountain Technologies

    The M5090 is a 2-port, 8.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer that delivers metrology-grade performance in a more economical package that excludes a number of advanced features: Vector Mixer Calibration TRL Calibration Frequency Offset Time Domain Gating VNAs and ACMs are delivered with factory... Read More
  • M5180 2-Port 18 GHz Analyzer By Copper Mountain Technologies

    The M5180 is a 2-port, 18 GHz Vector Network Analyzer that delivers metrology-grade performance in a more economical package that excludes a number of advanced features: Vector Mixer Calibration TRL Calibration Frequency Offset Time Domain Gating VNAs and ACMs are delivered with factory... Read More
  • Magnesium Aluminate Spinel By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: MgAl2O4 CAS Number: 12068-51-8 Read More
  • Magnesium Fluoride By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: MgF2 CAS Number: 7783-40-6 Read More
  • Magnesium Oxide By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

    Formula: MgO CAS Number: 1309-48-4 Evaporation Material, Ceramic, Crystal Read More
  • Magnum By Field Precision LLC

    Magnum is a complete tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations. The program achieves unprecendented accuracy and speed at a moderate price. Magnum can perform three types of calculations: 1) free-space fields in unbounded volumes for given applied currents, 2) bounded fields in the... Read More
  • Male Termination 5900-15 By Coaxicom/Coaxial Components Corp.

    Type N male Termination. DC to 18 GHz. average power 15 watts. VSWR 1.25:1 max. Read More
  • Male Termination 7900M-1 By Coaxicom/Coaxial Components Corp.

    SSMA male Termination. VSWR 1.25:1 to 18 GHz VSWR 1.35:1 to 26.5 GHz Read More
  • Male-Female Adapter (Phase Adjuster) 3993-1 By Coaxicom/Coaxial Components Corp.

    DC-18 GHz Phase Adjustable SMA male to female adapter. We also carry Phase Adjustable Connectors for cable and Phase Adjustable Cable Assemblies. Read More
  • Manually Tunable Band Reject / Notch Filter By Wainwright Instruments GmbH

    Since 1979 we design and manufacture lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, notch, diplex and multiplex, as well as manually and digitally tunable filters. Among others we specialize on L/C (Cauer, Chebyshev and Butterworth), cavity and helical designs. We offer many standard designs with... Read More
  • Manually Tunable Bandpass Filter By Wainwright Instruments GmbH

    Since 1979 we design and manufacture lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, notch, diplex and multiplex, as well as manually and digitally tunable filters. Among others we specialize on L/C (Cauer, Chebyshev and Butterworth), cavity and helical designs. We offer many standard designs with... Read More
  • Maritime Spectrum Analyzers By Avcom of Virginia Inc

    AVCOM has become a world leader in the Maritime Industry for carrier marketing and spectrum analyzer products. Avcom has been working for over 10 years to supply product for the Maritime Industry and has been working closely with System Integrators that use the Avcom product in their... Read More
  • Match Pro Impedance Matching Networks By Comdel Inc.

    Every Match Pro system is engineered with Comdel's unique PROTRAK, a high-speed tuning algorithm that gradually slows the system as it approaches the tuning point, allowing a precise match even in high "Q" loads. This proportional control circuitry illustrates the critical difference between... Read More
  • MAX5879 By Maxim Integrated

    The MAX5879 is a multi-Nyquist RF digital-to-analog converter (RF DAC) that delivers a fully digital software-defined radio (SDR) transmitter, enabling a common hardware platform for multicarrier, multiband, and multistandard base stations. Working with FPGA-based direct digital synthesis... Read More
  • Maxim’s Analog Essentials collection of peripheral modules By Maxim Integrated

    Maxim's analog and mixed-signal peripheral modules plug into any FPGA/CPU expansion port compatible with the Pmod™ standard. This collection of 15 peripheral modules plug directly into any FPGA/CPU expansion port that follows the Digilent® Pmod™ standard. Plug-in simplicity and easy software... Read More
  • Maximizer™ semi-rigid cable By Teledyne Storm Microwave

    High performance semi-rigid cable available as custom-built assemblies, in coils, or in a variety of straight lengths, with copper, tin, or silver-plate finish. Includes the phase stable, low loss Maximizer™ Gold line and the low loss, RG replacement Maximizer™ Silver line of cable. Read More
  • MBS Series By EM Research Inc

    The MBS is small (3.5” x 2.5” x 0.6”) and has female SMA connectors on the reference and RF I/O ports. The programming connector is a Micro-Mini-D, 21-Pin Male. The unit includes an easy-to-use and easy-to-install GUI interface for laboratory or field-programming via PC.... Read More
  • MCV Microwave Filters By MCV Technologies, Inc.

    Custom design and manufacture LC, ceramic, cavity, helical RF/Microwave filters and duplexers/diplexers in 50 ohms and 75 ohms impedance and a wide frequency range from 50 MHz to 30 GHz for CATV, VHF/UHF 2-way radio, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, GPS, WiMAX, Satcon and military communications. Read More
  • MCX By Molex Incorporated

    MCX connectors are available in 50 and 75 Ohms and have a snap-on mating style. Molex offers a variety of materials and finishes depending on performance and cost requirements. We have also done multi-port MCX connectors for co-planar, edgemount applications. Read More
  • MCX MMCX connector By Scelectron

    MCX Space reduction, easy to assemble. Applications for Cellular-wireless, data communications and transmission. Read More
  • Measurement Software By Focus Microwaves Inc

    Focus Microwaves’s flagship software opens the door to a complex area of nonlinear and low noise transistor testing. Used in conjunction with Focus’ Load Pull and Noise measurement systems, our software allows for full calibration of tuners, Load Pull and Noise measurements, IV-curves and... Read More
  • Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms By Environmental Stress Systems, Inc.

    The ESS, Inc. MRTP thermal platform systems rely upon a closed loop mechanical refrigeration cooling system. This eliminates the need for expendable refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. Eliminating the non-reusable refrigerants also eliminates the purchasing cost and... Read More
  • Medical and Appliance EMI/RFI Filters By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Designed for general purpose applications where common mode and/or differential mode performance is needed to meet regulatory EMC compliance standards. Four different series provide numerous options for your application: F1100/F1150/F1199 Series - Most economical design - Ideal for... Read More
  • Medical Device Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ provides a variety of testing services for the medical product and devices industry. Types of testing performed are accelerated aging tests, expiration date testing, package testing and more. Medical testing services include temperature cycling, humidity, thermal shock, vibration testing,... Read More
  • Medical Filters: General Purpose By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    F3099 Series - Designed to Meet UL60601 and IEC60601 Specifications for Medical and Dental Equipment, both patient care and on-patient categories. - Leakage current in this series is extremely low to satisfy the stringent leakage current limit imposed by safety regulations for medical and... Read More
  • Medical Power Entry Modules By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    PM1 Series - IEC connector, fusing, on/off switch, and voltage selection in one unit - Enhanced low frequency response with no resonant peaks - Fully shielded - U.S. or European standard fuse sizes - Dual or single power line fusing - Meets UL60601-1 specifications for medical and... Read More
  • Medium and low power waveguide terminations By M2 Global Technology Ltd.

    M2 Global's low power precision terminations are available for waveguide sizes from WR12 through WR284. Medium power terminations are available from WR34 through WR187. Most flange options can be provided. Read More
  • MegaPhase® VNA By MegaPhase LLC

    MegaPhase VNA cable assemblies are designed to ease the time associated with test equipment calibrations where compensation for loss, mismatches, and feedthroughs are critical to the test outcome. VN series cables are mechanically stable and can be bent with little effect on insertion loss,... Read More
  • Meltallized Ceramic Substrates By Johanson Manufacturing Corp

    In its vertically integrated USA facility, Johanson utilzies thick film & thin processes with molybdenum manganese (MoMn), titanium (Ti), platinum (Pt), gold (Au) metallization & copper (Cu) etching technology on substrates for the LED, power electronic & photonic markets. Read More
  • MEMS Flow Sensors By Omron Electronic Components LLC

    The Omron family of MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) Flow Sensors includes intelligent compact models capable of measuring flow velocity and mass flow rate movement with highly repeatable accuracy. Mass Flow rates from 1 LPM to 50 LPM (Liters per Minute). High sensitivity is achieved with... Read More
  • Mercurywave™ 9350 By Park Electrochemical Corp.

    A non PTFE, high frequency, low loss resin system tailored to meet the needs of the RF and Microwave market. With its low loss electrical properties and high thermal reliability, Mercurywave™ 9350 offers greater flexibility and freedom to design high performance RF and Microwave substrates.... Read More
  • Metal Clad PCB's By American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    Metal Backed PTFE / Micorowave Circuits: - Pre-bonded and post-bonded materials - Metals include Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Composites - Thermally and electrically conductive and non-conductive proprietary and commercially available adhesive bonded laminates - Plated through hole... Read More
  • MHW Series By Antenna Factor

    MHW Series dipole antennas feature a durable, unobtrusive housing that sticks permanently with integral adhesive to flat, non-conductive surfaces such as windows, drywall, ceiling tiles, plastic, etc. The antennas are well suited to low-power devices, but are capable of operation at levels to 10... Read More
  • Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly By Scelectron

    Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies are used primarily as the transmission cable foir Notebook, PDA, PC Notebooks, FPDs, LCDs, PDAs and other wideband products. It meets the spec required for LVDS etc. Read More
  • MICRO LAMBDA WIRELESS, INC. FREMONT, CA By Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

    NEW SINGLE SLOT PXI FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER Standard models are specified to operate over the 0 to +65 C temperature range, but extended temperature versions covering -40 to +85C are available on special order. This series of frequency synthesizers have been designed in a miniature package... Read More
  • Microwave / RF Cables By Fairview Microwave

    Microwave and RF coaxial cables available from stock. SMA, Type N, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, TNC, BNC. Semirigid and Flexable. See inventory levels and order online. Read More
  • Microwave Amplifiers By Empower RF Systems, Inc

    Amplifiers from 500 MHz to 2500 MHz. Read More
  • Microwave and RF Connectors By Fairview Microwave

    Microwave and RF coaxial connectors available from stock. Crimp and Clamp. SMA, Type N, TNC, BNC, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 7/16. See inventory levels, pricing, and order online. Read More
  • Microwave Antenna Path Alignment Test Set By Spectracom

    The Path Align-R™ test set, is a high performance, affordable and complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antennas within minutes. * Portable, battery-powered, lightweight for field applications * Full duplex voice... Read More
  • Microwave coaxial assemblies By Axon Cable SAS

    Axon'Cable offers microwave coaxial assemblies with very low losses. They are mainly used as measurement and equipment assemblies, as well as for antennae. In the aeronautics field, they are used for radar, antennae, surveillance systems. Axon' microwave coaxial assemblies are used in a... Read More
  • Microwave Connectors & Adapters By Southwest Microwave, Inc.

    Engineering owned & managed. ISO 9001. High performance field-replaceable/field-serviceable microwave and millimeter wave Connectors and Adapters. Complete materials traceability, lot control. All RoHS compliant and lead-free. Industry lowest RF Leakage <-100dB. High temperature for... Read More
  • Microwave Control Components By American Microwave Corporation

    Solid State Switches High Power switches Solid State Variable Attenuators Detector Log Video Amplifiers Switch Assemblies Switch Matrices Read More
  • Microwave Frequency Counter By TRS-RenTelco

    The Agilent 53152A is a full-featured 46 GHz CW microwave counter plus power meter that is suited for bench top or ATE environments, yet is tough enough to handle the most rugged field applications. It offers unmatched performance with an ultra-wideband input that covers the entire RF and... Read More
  • Microwave Instrumentation By TRS-RenTelco

    The Model 150A100B amplifier is a self-contained, broadband unit designed for laboratory applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and moderate power output are required. Utilization of push-pull MOSFET circuitry lowers distortion, improves stability and allows operation into any... Read More
  • Microwave Office By AWR

    Microwave Office RF/microwave design software is the industry's fastest growing microwave design platform. Microwave Office has revolutionized the communications design world by providing users with a superior choice. Built on the unique AWR high-frequency design environment platform with its... Read More
  • Microwave Power Amplifiers By WENTEQ MICROWAVE CORPORATION

    Wenteq Microwave Corporation design and manufacture high power RF and microwave amplifier modules up to 50GHz frequency band. Read More
  • Microwave Power Modules By L-3 Electron Devices

    The MPM is available in all bands from 2 to 46 GHz with output powers from 40 up to 150 Watts. They are offered in small and light Military qualified formats or slightly larger and lower cost Commercial versions. Read More
  • Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) By dB Control

    dB Control’s high-efficiency, conduction-cooled MPMs provide extremely dense packaging without sacrificing reliability or performance. Each small, lightweight package includes a: - Highly efficient, mini-helix traveling wave tube (TWT) - Low-noise, solid state driver amplifier - Extremely... Read More
  • MicroWave Technology, Inc. By Microwave Technology Inc

    MicroWave Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF & Microwave Discrete Semiconductor Products, GaAs and GaN RF Power Amplifiers, Low Noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, Wireless Amplifiers, Hybrid Modules, and Connectorized Microwave Amplifiers. Read More
  • Military Applications By NexTek, Inc.

    Coaxial Lightning Protection and High Current DC Filters Large Range of COTS Designs Highest Quality and Highest Performance Surprisingly Affordable! NexTek retains a vast amount of EMC expertise, let us help! Whatever the EMC challenge, we can help you quantify the issues you are facting... Read More
  • Military Solutions By Integrated Microwave Corp.

    Integrated Microwave Corporation is an AS-9100 compliant supplier to virtually every defense contractor in the United States (and many more worldwide) that purchases passive RF and microwave filtering products. Our products are currently in use worldwide in the most advanced military and... Read More
  • Military Spectrum Analyzers By Avcom of Virginia Inc

    AVCOM has been producing rugged, easy to use test equipment for the Military Satellite Market for over 25 years and counting. We understand that finding the right satellite and staying locked on it is critical for your communications and that lives are on the line. No matter what type of... Read More
  • Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers By Spacek Labs Inc

    Standard Features: 10 to 110 GHz Noise figure as low as 2 dB Balanced Circuitry Compact Size Removable 2.92mm (K) Connectors or Waveguide Flanges DC Power +7 to +15V or +5 Regulated Unconditionally Stable Modular Design MIL-Spec or Space-Qualified Units Available Internal... Read More
  • MIMO / MANET Directional Antennas By Southwest Antennas

    Southwest Antennas has designed a wide range of directional and sector antennas for use with MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) and MANET (mobile ad hoc network) mesh radio networks. These antennas feature 2, 3, or 4 RF ports for compatibility with all major available MIMO / MANET radio... Read More
  • Miniature Converters, Transformers & Inductors By Pico Electronics

    Pico Electronics, the leader in high quality, high reliability miniature power components offers a complete line of DC-DC Converters, Transformers and Inductors. Pico DC-DC Converters are available in models from 2V to 10,000 VDC Outputs and 1-300 Watt Modules. They offer MIL/COTS/Industrial... Read More
  • Miniature RF Detectors By Krytar Inc

    Visit the Krytar website to learn more about its Miniature RF Detectors. Read More
  • Miscellaneous Filters By Integrated Microwave Corp.

    Integrated Microwave has the technology to model and produce waveguide filters that are capable of meeting both group delay and amplitude specifications simultaneously, without the use of separate equalizers. These filters can be designed to meet VSWR and attenuation specifications very nearly... Read More
  • Mixers By Synergy Microwave Corp.

    Multi-octave bandwidth Schottky diode mixers FET technology low conversion loss Conventional & Galaxy Synstrip technology Read More
  • Mixers / Frequency Converters By Spacek Labs Inc

    Spacek Labs will make converters with any combination of RF, LO and IF frequencies that you require. Our frequency converters come in the five different categories listed below. Mixer Preamplifiers - An integration of our balanced mixer and IF amplifier products. Block Converters - A... Read More
  • MMCX By Molex Incorporated

    MMCX are 50 Ohm, subminiature snap-on mating connectors. Read More
  • mmWave Products By Mistral Solutions

    Mistral’s range of TI millimeter wave radar solutions are based on Texas Instruments family of mmWave Technology, aka, AWR mmWave RADAR sensors for automotive and IWR millimeter wave radar sensors for industrial, drones and medical applications. The diagrams below show the various Automotive and... Read More
  • mmWave Terminations By Anoison Electronics LLC

    The standard Anoison millimeter wave terminations cover the frequency range of DC to 67 GHz and are available with 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm connectors. Our 40GHz (2.92mm) series have full power range from 2W to 60W. Our 50GHz (2.4mm) and 67 GHz(1.85mm) are available in 2W versions. We are... Read More
  • Model 1150 Ultra-High Speed Reference Pulse Generator By Entegra Corporation

    The Model 1150 Ultra-High Speed Reference Pulse Generator is designed to provide step-like pulses suitable to calibrate oscilloscopes with up to 50 GHz bandwidth. It provides both a short positive and short negative transition duration (typical risetimes are 14 ps and typical falltimes are 9... Read More
  • Model 177 10kw TWT Amplifier By Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

    The Model 177 TWT Amplifier has been designed specifically to operate pulsed traveling wave tubes up to 10 kW peak power, 5% duty cycle and at frequencies up to 18GHz. Particular emphasis has been placed on the generation of the output RF pulse shape wihtout the use of RF switches. Pulse width... Read More
  • Model 20 - 20 Watt CW Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier By Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

    The Model 20 series CW TWT Amplifier has been designed to operate 25 watt traveling wave tubes over the 4-18GHz range. Internal power supplies are solid state DC-DC converter designs with fast loop response times so that output level variations are minimal. Both cathode and collector power... Read More
  • Model 267 Pulse/CW TWT Amplifier By Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

    The Model 267 is a dual mode Pulse/CW TWT Amplifier which has been designed to operate TWT's up to 80 watts in the 18 to 26.5 and 26.5 to 40GHz frequency ranges. The RF output pulse is generated by the focus electrode(grid) pulse. CW opearations may be selected by a discrete signal or by the... Read More
  • Model 327 Magnetron Transmitter By Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

    The Model 327 Power MOSFET Modulator, Magnetron Transmitter is designed to operate magnetrons up to 150kW. The continuously variable pulse width range is 0.15 to 2.0 microseconds, or greater, at PRF up to 5kHz. Maximum pulse width is determined by the pulse storage capacitor value and the... Read More
  • Model Conversion By Modelithics, Inc

    Modelithics will convert any existing compact model currently in our Non-Linear Transistor Library to an X-Parameter* model. Modelithics models work seamlessly with popular EDA tools to enable excellent design accuracy that reduces both time and cost of the design cycle. Read More
  • Model MLMS-series from 250 MHz to 16 GHz in a single slot PXI package By Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

    The MLMS-Series of YIG-Based wideband synthesizers are ideal as the main local oscillators in receiving systems, frequency converters and test and measurement equipment. They provide 1kHz frequency resolution over the 250MHz to 16GHz frequency range. Power levels of +8 to +13 dBm are provided... Read More
  • Model SRF24 Slip Rings By Princetel, Inc.

    Model SRF24 is a 24-circuit, low-cost, off-the-shelf, and "one-size-fits-all" slipring to most low-voltage applications, especially video cameras. It is designed to accept Princetel's MJX series FORJs. The compact integrated device is an ideal solution to modern industrial controls, sensors,... Read More
  • Model SRG12 Slip Rings By Princetel, Inc.

    Model SRG12 is a 12-circuit, low-cost, off-the-shelf, and "one-size-fits-all" slipring to most low-voltage applications, especially video cameras. It is designed to accept Princetel's MJX series FORJs. The compact integrated device is an ideal solution to modern industrial controls, sensors,... Read More
  • Model: TD-2G18G-RL-CD-SFF High Speed Threshold Detector By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI Model No. TD-2G18G-RL-CD-SFF is a high speed threshold detector designed to operate over the 2.0 to 18.0GHz frequency range with an adjustable threshold level of -30 to -10dBm and a VSWR of 3.0:1 max. This unit is supplied with field removable SMA Female connectors in a small package... Read More
  • Modelithics CLR Library By Modelithics, Inc

    High-accuracy, measurement-based software simulation models for RF, Microwave, and mm-wave electronic design. The CLR Library contains models of capacitors, inductors and resistors. Modelithics’ Global Models cover entire part families and are substrate-scalable, part-value scalable, and... Read More
  • Modelithics COMPLETE By Modelithics, Inc

    An indispensable collection of the industry's most advanced simulation models for passive components, transistors, diodes and more. These reliable, measurement-based models maximize the RF/MW electronic design automation (EDA) process, reduce design cycle times, and lower product development... Read More
  • Modelithics NLD Library By Modelithics, Inc

    Superior non-linear diode models for RF/MW simulations, developed using equivalent circuit models. Many models are temperature and substrate scalable. Modelithics model libraries work seamlessly with popular EDA tools to significantly reduce design cycle time and cost. Read More
  • Modelithics NLT Library By Modelithics, Inc

    Feature-rich measurement-based non-linear transistor models for RF/MW simulations. Modelithics NLT library models offer temperature scaling and include advanced measurements, such as load pull and noise parameters. Read More
  • Modelithics SLC Library By Modelithics, Inc

    System-level component models, based on measurement data, developed using equivalent circuits. Highly accurate RF/MW simulation models of components such as amplifiers, attenuators, filters and others. Read More
  • MODEMS By ELDAAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    -------------------------------- MODEM Types -------------------------------- 1. AM 2. FM 3. BPSK 4. QPSK 5. 16QAM 6. 64QAM 7. OFDM -------------------------------- Applications -------------------------------- 1. Satellite communication 2. Radio Communication 3. Unmanned vehicles 4. Software... Read More
  • Modular GPS Synchronization System By Spectracom

    SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time & frequency reference system at the lowest cost of ownership. Military and commercial applications alike will benefit from... Read More
  • Modular High Voltage Pulse Generators By Ion Physics Corporation

    Fast Risetime, Long Life The Mini Marx™ generators provide fast risetime and exponentially decaying pulses. The generators are housed in a compact, moveable, aluminum tank and constructed in standardized modular stages designed to provide lifetimes in excess of 100,000 shots. Variable Pulse... Read More
  • Mono Filter Series (MF/MC/MP Type) By Vanlong, Inc.

    400MHz~2.5GHz - Small and light size - Low insertion loss for using high Q-value resonators - Excellent temperature stability - Excellent mechanical structure - Good selectivity - Suitable for surface mount and reflow soldering Read More
  • Monolithic Crystal Filters By Mercury United Electronics

    MCF (MONOLITHIC CRYSTAL FILTER) features high quality quartz resonators with sharp cutoff characteristics, low loss, good inter-modulation and high stability over a wide temperature range. Read More
  • Motion Control Encoder Products By Avago Technologies

    Avago Technologies is a leading supplier of motion control optical encoders for motor feedback and positioning systems. These optical encoders meet the stringent requirements of precise positioning and velocity sensing in a wide range of applications from printers, copiers and scanners to servo... Read More
  • Mozaix Schematic Capture Software By Intercept Technology Inc

    WELCOME TO MOZAIX, Intercept's high-performance schematic design application for rapid design entry. In a single hierarchical design environment with intuitive and user-friendly features, Mozaix allows for the fast creation and management of professional schematics in a single application. The... Read More
  • MS Series Encoder and Decoder By Linx Technologies, Inc.

    MS Series encoders and decoders are ideal for remote control and command, security, keyless entry, and a host of similar applications. The encoder IC allows the status of up to eight buttons or contacts to be transferred with high level of uniqueness via an RF or infrared link. The decoder then... Read More
  • MT Series Transcoder By Linx Technologies, Inc.

    MT Series transcoders are designed for bi-directional remote control applications. Eight status lines can be set up in any combination of inputs and outputs for the transfer of button or contact states. An automatic confirmation indicates that the transmission was successfully received. The... Read More
  • MT9083 Access Master™ Fiber Optic Test Equipment By Ross FiberOptic LLC

    The MT9083 Access Master™ is a slick packaged 4.8lb OTDR All-in-One solution for Optical Fiber Construction and Maintenance of Access, FTTx, LAN, and Metro Networks. Key Features: - Quick Start ready to test in less than 15 seconds - 8 hour typical battery life - 0.8M Event Dead Zone -... Read More
  • MT9090 Network Master™ Fiber Optic Test Equipment By Ross FiberOptic LLC

    The MT9090 Network Master is an incredible new hand-held OTDR with a sexy shape that may have you reaching for game cartridges. This unit packs in all of the features and performance required for installation and maintenance of short fibers in a compact, modular test set. Key Features: - Quick... Read More
  • Mulitplexers & Diplexers By Networks International Corp

    NIC designs and manufactures Multiplexers and Diplexers for broadband and narrowband applications. Filters within any of the bandpass series or combinations of different series may be used to form the basic networks of diplexers and multiplexers. NIC offers custom designs with phase linearity,... Read More
  • Multi-band Multiplexers By Anatech Electronics Inc

    Multiband multiplexers provide a cost-effective solution for carriers operating in multiple frequency bands to multiplex both transmit and receive paths into a single antenna (or vice versa) or split signals from a single antenna into multiple base stations, allowing the system to accommodate a... Read More
  • Multi-Function Modules and Integrated Microwave Assemblies By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

    PMI offers the highest quality multi-function modules and integrated microwave assemblies for commercial and military applications in the frequency range of a few MHz to 40GHz. Built to your specifications, Functions to include: • Amplification • Attenuation • Filtering •... Read More
  • Multi-Function, Small Form Factor Module Designs By Empower RF Systems, Inc

    Increasing demands for reductions in size and weight, and ongoing requirements for higher levels of functionality and overall efficiency are driving innovations in packaging and amplifier design at the module level. Building on device knowledge and integration expertise, Empower has designed and... Read More
  • Multi-Octave RF Upconverter (MORF™) By NuWaves Engineering

    The RF2-3000UCV1 is a wideband IF-to-RF Upconverter. The upconverter accepts an IF in the range of 2 MHz to 70 MHz as an input. The IF is upconverted to any desired frequency in the range of 2 MHz to 3 GHz. The upconverter utilizes a straight-forward command/control serial interface for ease of... Read More
  • Multiplexers By ES Microwave, LLC.

    LC Multiplexers (DC - 2GHz) Suspended Substrate Stripline Multiplexers (2 - 20GHz) Millimeter Multiplexers (18 - 40GHz) Read More
  • Multipliers By Wright Technologies Inc.

    Doublers, Triplers and Quadruplers Read More
  • MX Series By EM Research Inc

    MX Series: X2 Active Frequency Multipliers to 30 GHz MX Series, a X2 active frequency multiplier with integrated output filter producing low subharmonics (<-60 dBc, typ). Features: •Frequency: 10 to 30 GHz •Bandwidths: up to 20% •Nominal Conversion Gain: 7 to 10 dB •Input Level:... Read More