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  • U.FL connector and pigtails By Scelectron

    Micro coaxial cables assembly are used primarily as the transmission cable for notebook, PDA, PC notebooks, FPDs, LCDs and other wide band products. Read More
  • U.FL for 1.32mm cable assembly By Cmpter Electronics

    U.FL connector for 1.32mm cable assembly, Frequency: DC-6GHz VSWR:1.5Max Read More
  • UC-3004-381R Mini-UHF SATCOM Antenna By Myers Engineering International, Inc. (antennas.us)

    Antenna model UC-3004-381 is a lightweight, tactical, compact UHF Satcom antenna system. The polarization of this antenna is Circular (CP), intended primarily for communications through satellites.The design of this Mini-UHF X-Wing Antenna is modular, to enable you to use one antenna in multiple... Read More
  • UHF antenna By Scelectron

    430-440MHz UHF antenna Read More
  • UHF Connectors for Heliax® Cable By RF Connectors

    Availability of UHF connectors for LDF4-50A ½ inch Andrew Heliax® cable was limited to the secondary market when manufacturing ceased several years ago. RF Connectors division of RF Industries has released UHF male and UHF female connectors for LDF4-50A ½ inch cable to fill that need. These... Read More
  • ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Cold Room Conditioning Systems By Environmental Stress Systems, Inc.

    Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) cold rooms can be used for short, medium or long term cold temperature storage of diverse materials from pharmaceuticals to ice core samples. ULT cold rooms typically have a storage temperature of between -80° C to -86° C. Cascade or "two stage" refrigeration plants... Read More
  • ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Gas and Liquid coolers and gas to liquid condensers By Environmental Stress Systems, Inc.

    Many process applications require the cooling of gas or liquid or the condensing of gas into liquid. When very cold gas or liquid temperatures or gas to liquid condensing temperatures are required, a standard cascade condensing unit with an integrated evaporator/heat exchanger can be used. Our... Read More
  • Ultra Low Temperature Data Logging System By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech's Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Validation System can measure and log data as low as -86 °C (-122.80 °F). It can be placed in small and large freezers of varying configurations. The system provides a complete stand-alone temperature mapping and validation solution for freezers to... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® DSAs By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Peregrine's highly linear, monolithic RF DSA family offers a selection of resolutions, minimum attenuation step sizes and termination impedances. Its UltraCMOS® foundation allows for a unique initial attenuation state at power-up. The DSA line provides industry-leading linearity over frequency... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® MOSFET Quad Array Mixer Core By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Extend the reach of your base stations with Peregrine integrated receive mixers. High linearity and remarkable input IP3 performance will pick distant signals out of the haze. Integrated matching RF and LO networks and the tiny 6-lead 3x3 DFN or 20-lead 4x4 QFN package eliminate the need for... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizers By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Get maximum signal clarity with our ultra-low phase noise PLL synthesizers: the Integer-N family for demanding LMDS, MMDS, WLL and other base station systems, and our Fractional-N family for handheld and mobile wireless devices. UltraCMOS technology allows monolithic integration for a variety of... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® Prescalers By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    The high-performance UltraCMOS® RF Prescalers offers a fixed divide ratio of 2, 4, or 8 and an operating frequency ranging from near DC to 13.5 GHz on a nominal 3 V supply while drawing only 12 mA. Packaged in small 8-lead TSSOP, 8-lead MSOP, 6-lead SC70 or 8-lead CSOIC, these devices are ideal... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® RF Switches By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Manufactured on our revolutionary UltraCMOS® technology, the Peregrine product portfolio is poised to meet the demands of a global RF design community – in high-growth applications such as WCDMA and GSM digital cellular, broadband, DTV, DVR and radiation-hard space, defense and avionics... Read More
  • Ultra-Flex Omni Antennas By Southwest Antennas

    Ultra-Flex omni-directional antennas are half-wave dipole antennas that feature an innovative sealed spring base. The sealed spring base allows the antenna to bend and flex upon impact up to 90 degrees, reducing the risk of damage to the antenna or mated radio RF connector. The waterproof sealed... Read More
  • Ultra-High Performance Automated Phase Noise Measurement System By OEwaves, Inc.

    Ultra-high performance phase noise measurement system utilizes microwave photonics techniques for automated measurement capable of testing ultra-low phase noise oscillators. The cross-correlation capable homodyne phase noise measurement system is fast and fully automated, and yields the spectral... Read More
  • Ultra-low Passive Intermodulation Performance Switches By e360microwave, inc.

    ​e360microwave is a leading supplier of ultra-low passive intermodulation performance switches. Available in a variety of configurations and connector solutions including SMA, Type-N, 7/16 DIN and 4.3–10 mini DIN. Our switches are commonly used in infrastructure applications as well as the... Read More
  • Ultra-miniature 2.5 x 3.2 mm TCXO By ILSI America

    LSI, a leading supplier of frequency control products, expands its TCXO offering with the release of the I537/I538 series. The I537/I538 series is an ultra-miniature 2.5 x 3.2 mm TCXO available in stabilities to ±0.5 ppm. Standard supply voltages include 2.7V, 3.0V and 3.3V. Available outputs... Read More
  • Unipole Multipole By LEMO

    This vast portfolio enables you to select the ideal connector configuration to suit almost any specific requirement in most markets, including medical devices, test and measurement instruments, machinery, audio video broadcast, telecommunications and military. Read More
  • Universal Frequency Counter By TRS-RenTelco

    Universal Counter, 10 Digit, 2 Channel Frequency resolution of 10 digits per second 500 ps time interval resolution and a complete set of test and analysis features Two 225 MHz channels, and you can choose an optional third channel that measures up to 3 GHz, 5 GHz, or 12.4 GHz Options 030: 3 GHz... Read More
  • Universal Mainframe By Inter-Continental Microwave

    The Universal Test Fixture Mainframe is ideal for Multi-port measurement. The elegant and versatile base unit can accept up to 6 ports in a variety of RF launches. Drop-in Calibration standards are available for Calibration. Features: -Universal Application for FET-Chips, Bipolar-Chips,... Read More
  • Universal Substrate Fixture By Inter-Continental Microwave

    The ICM Adjustable Universal Substrate Test Fixture series provides a highly flexible test platform for microstrip substrates. Two RF or four RF connections available. Both RF-launches can be adjusted in Y- and Z-axis to accommodate DUTs with offsets and different substrate thickness. These... Read More
  • University Kit By Copper Mountain Technologies

    Copper Mountain Technologies’ University Kit is a complete solution designed to assist educational institutions as they teach RF skills to engineering students. The kit has three options of vector network analyzer models in 3 GHz or 8 GHz frequency range and includes the calibration module, a... Read More
  • Up to 160MHz / AT-Cut Clock Oscillators and AT-Cut Crystal technology By Micro Crystal

    SMD Clock Oscillators combine of an AT-Cut Quartz Crystal and an oscillation circuitry all-in-one-package. This makes it a simple-to-use timing device for applications in an extremely wide temperature range with an excellent temperature and shock stability. Read More
  • Up to 54MHz / OCXO By Micro Crystal

    High Stability ovenized Metal DIL. 20.3x13.2x8.0mm – RoHs complaint In an OCXO, the crystal and other temperature sensitive components are placed in an ovenized block where a temperature sensor, a heating element and the oven circuitry function as an insulation of the crystal from external... Read More