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  • Xenos By Field Precision LLC

    Xenos (X-ray/electron numerical optimization suite) is a suite of advanced 2D/3D finite-element programs that handles everything you want to know about X-rays and electrons. Component programs calculate electric fields, magnetic fields, charged-particle dynamics, electron-photon-positron... Read More
  • XLT Series By EM Research Inc

    Hi-Rel crystal oscillator replacement. High vibration tolerance (12 g's RMS operating). Low power consumption < 500 mW. No-warm-up required. Optionally hermetically-sealed per MIL-STD-883. 6 to 500 MHz PRODUCT FEATURES • High vibration tolerance: 12 g’s RMS Operating • Optionally... Read More
  • XpressO By Fox Electronics

    The XPRESSO Crystal Oscillator is a breakthrough in configurable Frequency Control Solutions. XpressO utilizes a family of proprietary ASICs, designed and developed with a key focus on noise reduction technologies. Features include: -XOs & VCXOs -7x5,5x3.2 and 3.2x2.5mm package options -3.3V... Read More
  • XR-3 Modular Test Instrument By Tescom USA

    Satellite, Antenna, CATV Installer Test Set with modules that "slide & click" into the XR-3, including DBS and VSAT Satellite, Cable TV/off air broadcast. Ideal for installers & private calbe operators for fast, easy signal measurements. Read More
  • XT_MB and XT_MJ Series Ceramic Trap By Vanlong, Inc.

    XT_MB and XT_MJ series ceramic traps are widely used in telecommunication, cable, radar, TV/VTR set, tape recorder, video camera and other electronic products due to its lower price and stable performances. Read More