EDX Wireless Inc.

132 E. Broadway, Suite 590
Eugene, OR 97401

About EDX Wireless Inc.

EDX Wireless offers solutions for the design and deployment of wireless networks. Built on industry standards and designed to fulfill the evolving needs of network operators, design consultants and sales engineers - EDX software is used for planning 5G, IoT, Smart Grid AMI, LTE, in-building DAS, multipoint, microwave PTP, LMR and more - ensuring robust systems that meet performance and cost requirements.

EDX offers the industry’s only usage based RF design software. Choose from a variety of licensing models to “surge” up for project demand, augment your staff, mix & match modules based on project and add users for short-term RFPs. Instant access to a complete suite of engineering solutions from RF planning software to high-resolution data allows users to win more business, retain customers and achieve success in emerging technologies.

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