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By TestMart

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 100 kHz to 6 GHz Read more »

By AAK Corporation

Linear, encapsulated power supplies up to 50 watts. Chassis or PCB mount, din rail, laboratory and custom configurations. Read more »

By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

CSZ provides stability testing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Testing services meet a variety of test requirements for accelerating aging, shelf life testing, expiration date testing, and more. Services are available to test or store a wide range of products in specific temperature... Read more »

By Teledyne Storm Microwave

Phase stable Test & Measurement assemblies and the first choice for applications where phase vs. flexure is more critical. Repeatable phase measurements with flexure. Extremely durable construction extends assembly life. Armoring options available. Read more »

By Pico Electronics

AC-DC isolated power supplies for all your hi-grade industrial cots applications. AC-1, power factor correction with universal input voltage / isolated DC outputs, fixed frequency to 300 watts with outputs from 5 to 48 VDC. The new AC-3 series makes 3 phase input available. SW SERIES - low... Read more »

By Martek Power

Martek Power is a market leader in designing and manufacturing AC-DC power supplies. Our AC-DC power supplies are qualified by OEMs and system integrators worldwide for diverse applications in the Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data storage, Telecom, Networking,... Read more »

By TDK-Lambda Americas Inc

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of power solutions to suit the needs of electronic equipment used in RF Transmission, Telecom, Video, Robotics, Test & Measurement and Automation markets. Read more »

By Linx Technologies

Many different adapter styles are available. Custom adapters available upon request. Read more »

By Federal Custom Cable LLC

Adapters in series are used to connect two similar connectors. Federal Custom Cable carries a wide variety of these adapters to meet your needs. They are available in similar gender, in opposite gender, in T-type connection, in similar or different type mounting and in similar or reverse... Read more »

By Federal Custom Cable LLC

Adaptors between series are used to join two dissimilar connectors. Federal Custom Cable carries a wide variety of these adaptors to meet your needs. Our adaptors between series are designed to offer the lowest VSWR rating of the connectors involved. An easy to use search engine is available to... Read more »

By Empower RF Systems, Inc

LCD Controller The LCD touch screen display and microprocessor is a powerful tool that can be added to any Empower system. The LCD controller allows easy, intuitive access to all the monitoring and control functions of the amplifier, both locally on the screen and remotely via RS422, RS232... Read more »

By Avcom of Virginia Inc

AVCOM has developed a custom spectrum analyzer for Rockwell Collins Inc, a leading provider of aviation electronic solutions. The RCTV-5000 was developed to provide an easy way to test the entire RF path within the Rockwell Collins Tailwind® series Satellite TV. The RCTV-5000 has the ability to... Read more »

By Field Precision LLC

Aether is one of the most advanced programs available for 3D electromagnetic fields at a fraction of the cost of competing products. The unified finite-element package handles all stages of a solution: mesh generation, field calculation and interactive analysis. The program has three modes of... Read more »

By Ross FiberOptic LLC

You may even rent fusion splicers for a new project or to keep up with demand. Call us to learn about terms like V-Groove, PAS, Core Alignment, and how they apply. Two of the most popular manufactures featured are — Sumitomo and AFL/Fujikura. Products by other manufacturers such as Fitel and... Read more »

By TRS-RenTelco

-10db Coaxial Attenuator, dc - 18 GHz, Type N * Max. Input Power - 2 Watts Average * Impedance: 50 Ohm * Minimum Frequency: 0 Hz Maximum Frequency: 18 GHz * Connector Type to DUT: Type-N(m) Inter-connect connector type: Type-N(f) * Options 010: -10 dB attenuator Read more »

By Agilent Technologies Inc.

Key Features & Specifications • Generation of 330-MHz pulses and 500-MHz function/arbitrary waveforms with a 2.5-GSa/s sample rate and 14-bit vertical resolution; • Selectable crest factors for white Gaussian noise lets engineers determine how much distortion to apply to a device during... Read more »

By TestMart

Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator: 20 MHz including 10 MHz external timebase (opt 001) and printed manual set (opt ABA) Read more »

By TestMart

Digital multimeter, 6.5 digit (mil bundle) Read more »

By TestMart

Power Meter Bundle, includes: E4418B single channel power meter, 8481A 18GHz -30dBm to +20dBm power sensor, 8481D 18GHz -70 to -20dBm power sensor, 11730A power sensor cable, 34131A transit case & manuals Read more »

By TestMart

Network Analyzer, 300 kHz to 1.5 GHz Read more »

By TestMart

Power Meter: Single Channel, includes N1921A and E9300A power sensors Read more »

By TestMart

Hand held vector network analyzer: 2 MHz to 4 GHz and vector voltmeter emulation Read more »

By Johanson Manufacturing Corp

Air Capacitors are designed specifically for RF applications, VHF through microwave, and have become the industry standard of excellence. High Q and temperature stability are a result of proper attention to geometry and choice of optimum materials. Read more »

By SRI Hermetics

SRI Hermetics patented SMA press-in design is far superior than any other design offered on the market. The press-in design offers consistent grounding over temperature and overcomes the tendency of regular connectors to 'rock' due to strain caused by the attached cable. Available in aluminum. Read more »

By SRI Hermetics

Laser weldable SMP. SRI Hermetics patented press-in design is far superior than any other design offered on the market. The press-in design offers consistent grounding over temperature and overcomes the tendency of regular connectors to 'rock' due to strain caused by the attached cable. The... Read more »

By SRI Hermetics

Laser weldable SMPM. SRI Hermetics patented press-in design is far superior than any other design offered on the market. The press-in design offers consistent grounding over temperature and overcomes the tendency of regular connectors to 'rock' due to strain caused by the attached cable. Read more »

By Integrated Magnetics Inc.

Excellent for High-Temperature Applications Integrated Magnetics carries a large inventory of licensed, alnico magnetic materials in both standard & premium grades. Integrated Magnetics designs and builds custom alnico magnets, and magnetic assemblies, manufactured to meet your specialty... Read more »

By Anderson & Steinssen Inc.

Formula: Al2O3 CAS Number: 1344-28-1 Evaporation Material, High Purity Read more »

By Silicon Laboratories

The Si473x, Si474x, Si4707 and Si4830 devices are the industry's first fully integrated, 100% CMOS AM/FM/SW/LW and WB radio receiver ICs. Offering unmatched integration and PCB space savings, the Si47xx only requires two external components and less than 15 mm² of board area excluding the... Read more »

By Empower RF Systems, Inc

The BBM4A5ALO (SKU 1165) is suitable for broadband mobile Jamming, Communication and band specific high power linear applications in the L frequency band. This compact module utilizes high power advanced GaN devices that provide excellent power density, high efficiency, wide dynamic range and... Read more »

By Empower RF Systems, Inc

Qualified customization is a unique capability of Empower RF Systems. With very broad frequency coverage and band specific filtering, the 2141 showcases engineering design at Empower. The BBS3C8CQR (SKU 2141) dual controller, dual amplifier system is suitable for ultra broadband high power... Read more »

By AR Modular RF

Powers from 5W to 5000W, frequencies from 10KHz to 6GHz, full racked systems, and Power amplifier modules, standard and custom designs. Military tactical Communication transceiver amplifiers, body and vehicle mounted. Read more »

By Technical Services Laboratory Inc

The Model 1171T-4000-1030 is a ruggedized, compact solid state pulsed Amplifier/Transmitter designed primarily for IFF applications requiring reliable state of the art high power amplifiers. Its minimum output power is 4000W (66dBm) and is adjustable in three increments. Common usage of the... Read more »

By Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies offers a broad selection of Power Amplifiers (PAs), Gain Blocks/Drivers, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) and variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) for cellular applications and diverse markets such as wireless infrastructure, WiMAX, WLAN, test & measurement and other wireless microwave... Read more »

By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

PMI offers a full line of RF and Microwave Amplifiers that range from 250kHz up to 40.0GHz. Many options are available. If you do not see exactly what you require on this web site please contact us because we offer amplifiers designed and built to your specifications at catalog... Read more »

By Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Frequency Range 500 MHz to 18 GHz Medium Power (>+37 dBm P1dB) Internal Voltage Regulation and Sequencing Military Screening Options Available For the past twenty years Rodelco has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of RF and Microwave amplifiers. The company specializes... Read more »

By Raymond EMC

Raymond EMC’s Antenna Measurement Software performs 2-D (polar/rectangular) and 3-D (spherical) antenna pattern measurements for passive antennas and active wireless mobile stations (cell phones). Insertion loss of passive devices is included as part of the calibration component. Data... Read more »


Freescale offers analog mixed signal and power solutions which include monolithic ICs using proven high volume SMARTMOS mixed signal technology, and system in package devices utilizing power, SMARTMOS, and MCU dies. Our products enable longer battery life, smaller form factor, component count... Read more »


Analog Office design suite is a modern and complete design system that is specifically architected and optimized from the ground up for analog and radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) designs. Analog Office software leverages AWR's unique unified data model to provide designers with a... Read more »

By TestMart

Vector Network Analyzer System: 40MHz to 40GHz Read more »

By CST of America

Antenna Magus is an expert system for antenna design. The software tool accelerates the design and modeling process and increases efficiency by helping engineers make informed choices relating to antenna elements. From a huge antenna database, validated antenna models can be exported easily to... Read more »

By Southwest Antennas

Mounting kits that allow antennas to be permanently or temporarily installed on vehicles, poles, windows, or other surfaces. Read more »

By Myers Engineering International, Inc. (

Applications for broadcast receive antennas from Antennas.US include: military; EMS/law enforcement; mobile radio; GPS; terrestrial data/telemetry; satellite; ISM/FCC Part 15; Wi-Fi/WiMax/Hiper LAN; RFID/embedded/couplers; amateur radio; cell phones; AM/FM/Satellite radio; and, specialty antennas. Read more »

By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

Model APD-2-0518-YR1 is a 2-Way Power Divider / Combiner that operates over the frequency range of 500MHz to 18GHz. This model offers low loss of 3.5dB typical (over 3dB theoretical) with a VSWR of 1.5:1 typical into a 50 ohm impedance. The average isolation is 20dB. This model offers a typical... Read more »

By Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

PMI Model No. APD-4-218 is a High Reliable Four Way Power Divider featuring Excellent Amplitude and Phase Balance, Low Insertion Loss, and High Isolation Electrically, and Removable I/O SMA Connectors Mechanically. Read more »

By Compel Electronics/Response Microwave

Devens, MA - Response Microwave, Inc. a specialist in providing innovative customer solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of its new application specific series of fixed attenuators for Lab and both military and telecom specific product platform use. The family includes 0.5... Read more »

By Comdel Inc.

Comdel's Arc Detect Fast Shutdown option provides shutdown of the RF to minimize arc damage. It is an integrated system that works within the matching network and power supply. Latching fast shutdown located in the power supply interfaces with the arc detect circuit in the matching network. This... Read more »

By Southwest Antennas

Array antennas are made up of multiple directional antennas under a common radome, arranged so that each panel covers an individual sector of the antenna pattern, such as 90° or 120°. In combination, these individual sectors act together to provide send and receive coverage 360° around the... Read more »

By MILMEGA Limited

1-2GHz 500W solid state amplifier. With guaranteed P1dB power levels, 5 Year fully expensed warranty, proven upgrade topology and local service and support network. Read more »