White Papers for Wireless and Radio Frequency

  • Klein Electronics Two-Way Radio CatalogBy

    Klein Electronics sells a variety of radio styles to fit the situation you need it for. We offer UHF, VHF, FRS, GMRS and 900 mhz frequency radios, as well as dual-band desktop Base Station and Mobile Radios with voice scramble technology. Klein Electronics is your source for the best 2-way...
  • Understanding the Differences Between Various RF Filter TechnologiesBy

    RF filters are becoming more of a necessity in the era of 5G, and wireless communication. This white paper introduces the basic differences between different RF filters technologies, and brings an insight to why one would require one technology over another. A good tools for RF Design Engineer.
  • How to Specify Isolators & CirculatorsBy

    M2 GLOBAL’S standard and high power isolator and circulator products are available in Coax, Waveguide, Drop-in, Puck, and Dual Junction configurations, over the frequency range 300 MHz to 40 GHz. The following is a brief description of the various parameters and available options.
  • The Importance of RF Connector Selection in Antenna DesignBy

    There are a wide variety of RF connector choices available on the market today, offering many options for different application needs. The selection of RF connector represents an important design choice for antennas and other RF systems and components, with many tradeoffs between RF connector...
  • Worst Case Leakage Current TestingBy

    Leakage current testing is the measurement of electrical “leakage current” that results from powering an electrical appliance via mains or dc power. Leakage current is the unwanted or unintended flow of electrical current that presents an electrical hazard such as shock or burn.
  • Things to Consider When Choosing a Data LoggerBy

    There are many factors to consider when selecting the right data logging solution for your specific needs and application. MadgeTech offers top of the line data loggers, accessories, systems and advanced data logging software. Since MadgeTech engineers and manufactures all of the data loggers...
  • A discussion of Polarization Diversity and broadcast delivery to mobile devicesBy

    Executive Summary Today, broadcasters are operating in one of the most competitive markets in the history of broadcasting. The means of distribution of content to the market seem endless with the traditional means of information dissemination appear somewhat obsolete. Broadcasters are in the...
  • Innovative DC Terminal Block Solution for Networking Integrated Services RoutersBy

    Modern power architectures are advancing miniaturization of semiconductors and other discrete devices. These advancements require migrating to more progressive design topologies to increase density and efficiency. This shift in developing new technology is transforming all facets of the design...
  • Understanding S-parameter vs. Equivalent Circuit-Based Models for Surface-Mount RLC ComponentsBy

    The advantages of engineered equivalent circuit models over s-parameter models is explained and illustrated.
  • RF coaxial connectorsBy

    We are specialized in RF coaxial connectors designation & production, we also supply various of cable assembly & wifi antennas for wireless communication. Good pricing & service !
  • A Guide to RF Switching SystemsBy

    Whether you are designing an RF switching system or planning to purchase one, it is important to understand the fundamentals of these complex systems and the ways in which application requirements impact cost and performance. This paper will explain the requirements placed on switching systems...
  • Process Improvement Program Cuts CostsBy

    To provide the highest value to its customers, Tektronix Component Solutions is constantly evaluating its manufacturing and business processes to look for ways to optimize time, materials, and labor usage. Recently, the company set out to reduce manufacturing waste and cut costs for an...
  • Designing Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers for Infrastructure Receiver ApplicationsBy

    The construction of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) is a complex process that requires the utilization of both pHEMT technology, and cascode topology. By harnessing these two facets of LNA creation; one can substantially improve linearity and combat the Miller effect. Understand the steps...