The Zippertubing® Company

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7150 W. Erie St.
Chandler, AZ 85226

About The Zippertubing® Company

  • With four generations of customer experience and product expertise, Zippertubing® continues to produce engineered solutions around the Globe. Incorporated in 1957, The Zippertubing® Company has been an innovative force in every conceivable kind of application. Many of these applications have been the basis for continuous improvements and additions to our product line. New jacketing and shielding materials have been added to meet the ever changing specifications and requirements in today's marketplace. Configurations are available to fit round, flat, square, and many other shapes. Various types of shielding are offered to protect against EMI, ESD, magnetic, lightning, EMP, TEMPEST and other hazards. Our knowledge and years of experience within this broad market and our selection of quality products, has established Zippertubing® as the solution for all wire harness applications.

Products by The Zippertubing® Company

  • Z-3250-Tape™

    EMI Shielding Tape, Ni/Cu/Polyester Fabric, Adhesive Backed - Extremely Thin, Flexible & Lightweight - Outstanding Shielding Characteristics - Shield Coverage > 98% - Conductive Adhesive Backing Read more
  • PRT® (S-3250)

    An EMI shielding wrap-around heat shrink solution - Never disconnect or pull through another wire or cable again - Excellent anti abrasive, environmental, chemical, and electrical properties with resistance to most oils and fluids, mild acids, and alkalis - The PRT® (S-3250) EMI shielding... Read more
  • Shrink-N-Shield® (4:1)

    One-Step Shielding and Jacketing Tubing, 4:1 Shrink Ratio, Polyolefin - This product provide an easy, one-step installation and provides a lower total installed cost - Shrink-N-Shield (4:1) EMI shielding material offers better shielding effectiveness of 65 db from 10MHz to 10GHz - Excellent anti... Read more