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7309 Grove Road, Suite A
Frederick, MD 21704-5148

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High Power Microwave Switches
Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs)
Solid State Switches (SPST - SP64T)
PIN Diode/Programmable/Variable/Digital Attenuators
Bias Tees
Phase Invariant Attenuators
DC to 40 GHz SPST Switches
Switch Matrices
Rack Mount and Modular Custom Switch Assemblies
Standard Models, Modifed Standard, Specials
Stock / Quick-Turn / less than 90 day delivery
In-house Machine Shop

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ES Microwave, LLC.

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Sinclair Technologies

With over 57 years of experience and innovation, Sinclair boasts a rich history of technological achievements and prides itself as a pioneer in the field of antenna and filter development. Sinclair provides the latest high quality antenna and filter products, systems and coverage solutions for... Read More

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