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Intercept Technology Inc. is the leading supplier of PCB, RF, hybrid and high speed design software solutions for the EDA industry. Intercept's software suite includes PCB schematic and layout design with simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, library management, and 35+ database translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration as well as the completion of RF, hybrid, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. Intercept's software solutions are scalable, serving small, medium and large sized companies.

Intercept's Pantheon PCB design software application allows RF engineers and board designers to layout and verify even the most complex designs in the EDA industry. Pantheon is the only PCB and RF integrated design software solution that offers RF-specific features, allowing RF designers to work alongside PCB designers in the same software application with integrated interfaces to third party analysis software.

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Products by Intercept Technology Inc

By Intercept Technology Inc

Intercept's EDA software suite includes PCB layout design with specialized PCB RF, Hybrid, and high speed design options, schematic design, simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and signal integrity (SI) checking, library management,... Read more »

By Intercept Technology Inc

Intercept's Pantheon, an advanced PCB layout software solution, includes specialized RF and Hybrid design flows. Pantheon offers an easy to use software interface with basic to advanced design options that increase productivity and efficiency for design teams of all sizes. From the one-man... Read more »

By Intercept Technology Inc

WELCOME TO MOZAIX, Intercept's high-performance schematic design application for rapid design entry. In a single hierarchical design environment with intuitive and user-friendly features, Mozaix allows for the fast creation and management of professional schematics in a single application. The... Read more »

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