Bree Engineering

1275 Stone Drive
San Marcos, CA 92078-4097

About Bree Engineering

Bree Engineering Corporation is an ISO-9001:2015 registered manufacturer of custom electronic (Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Reject) filters, multiplexers, filter banks and other related components in the frequency range of 0.1 MHz to 40 GHz. Bree Engineering designs include Chebychev, Bessel, Butterworth, Gaussian, Transitional, Elliptic-Function and Pseudo-Elliptic-Function filters. In addition to Lumped Element designs, Bree Engineering also produces Cavity designs (Combline or Interdigital) and Ceramic Resonator designs. Bandwidths of 1% multi-octave are available. We specialize in custom designs for prototype or production quantity requirements, and offer custom configurations such as surface mount or with connectors.