Autoclaves Expanding Beyond the Medical Field

Press Release from MadgeTech Inc

With consumer safety being a top priority, more businesses are now turning to autoclaves to sterilize their non-disposable equipment. Tattoo shops, body piercing studios, and even nail salons are now turning to medical grade autoclaves to ensure the safety of their customers. Although state regulations differ, customers across the nation are becoming more informed, causing the businesses to continually adapt to create the safest environment possible.

The state of Pennsylvania, for example, has only one law pertaining to tattooing; it is illegal to perform any type of body art on a minor without parental consent. Outside of this, there are no regulations concerning the cleanliness of the shop, or the devices being used. As more consumers are contracting infections due to unsanitary conditions, lawmakers are attempting to put some regulation or licensing requirements in place. In the meantime, it is up to the tattoo shop owner to maintain a safe business, and for consumers to be well educated before having any work done.


To create a safe business and keep up with customer demands, many tattoo parlors are purchasing medical grade autoclaves to ensure sterility of all non-disposable instruments. Gloves and needles should always be sterile and opened from the sterilized packaging they arrive in. However, some tools including tips and tubes that are made of stainless steel should be sterilized between each use to avoid the risk of spreading diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and even MRSA.


Another example, Boston based company MiniLuxe has brought the autoclave into the nail salon business. Although also not required by regulations, the company is attempting to make safety their number one priority. Much like those now found in the tattooing business, MiniLuxe has a medical grade autoclave at every location to adequately sterilize all reusable equipment and tools. The idea of having safety as the forefront in their businesses seems to be catching on, having already opened eight locations equipped with autoclaves.


As with any autoclave application, having the correct data to support the sterility is very important. The easiest way to do this while keeping accurate and reliable records is by using a data logger designed for steam sterilization cycles. The combination of MadgeTech steam sterilization data loggers and the MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software creates ideal, easy to read reports and stored data to keeps records of all sterilization cycles.


As companies are forced to keep up with the growing customer demands for safety, autoclaves are becoming more popular outside of the medical field. It can be expected that regulations will soon catch up to consumer demands and validated sterilization cycles will become commonplace in the body modification and nail salon markets.


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