Spectrum Devices releases MRF485 TO-220 replacement Transistor

Press Release from Spectrum Devices Corporation

Spectrum Devices has completed qualification the their MRF485 Motorola replacement transistor

The MRF485 is an epitaxial silicon NPN planar transistor designed primarily for Class A/AB RF Amplifiers, operating in the 2-30 MHz band. This device utilizes ballasted emitter resistors and improved metallization systems to achieve optimum load mismatch capability. This product utilizes the unique Spectrum Devices' Bipolar process which offers an improvement in collector-base breakdown voltage, enhancing reliability while maintaining RF performance.   


Freq:                      30 MHz

Pout:                      15 Watts

Voltage:                28 Watts

IMD:                       -30 dB

Package Style      TO-220 Plastic

Production quantities are available from inventory