SuperPower Inc.

450 Duane Avenue
Schenectady, NY 12304

About SuperPower Inc.

SuperPower Inc. develops and manufactures long lengths of high-performance second-generation (2G) high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire for applications in energy and medical technologies, alternative energy, transportation, military, space, industry, science and research. Wire is offered in application-specific configurations with high current density, high power density, high efficiency, low energy losses, reduced size and weight, and safety and environmental advantages.

SuperPower has a unique competitive advantage over other HTS providers through its depth of knowledge of superconductivity, low temperature refrigeration & magnetic devices. A large portfolio of patents, patent applications, licenses and trade secrets has been built from the expertise of the scientific and technical staff at SuperPower.

SuperPower also offers design, fabrication, and testing of 2G HTS coils made to customer specifications, as well as engineering services.

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Products by SuperPower Inc.

By SuperPower Inc.

SuperPower has been developing (RE)BCO-based 2G HTS wire at its manufacturing plant in Schenectady, NY since 2000 and is now routinely producing long lengths of high performance wire that is being shipped to customers around the world for a wide range of applications. SuperPower®2G HTS Wire... Read more »