The Waveguide Solution

King Charles Business Park, Old Newton Road
Heathfield, Devon TQ12 6UT
United Kingdom

About The Waveguide Solution

The Waveguide Solution is a waveguide and passive RF components supplier based in the south-west of England. We have over 60 years heritage in waveguide components, and are in a unique position in that we have the facilities in-house for all stages of design and manufacture. We have the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of waveguide components for applications such as ship, aircraft, satellite, medical, radar and communication systems.

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Grannatech Limited

Grannatech supplies a very wide range of Waveguide and Components from 1 - 250 GHz; WR650 - WR3. These are available in Twistable Flexible Waveguide, Seamless Flexible Waveguide and Rigid Waveguide. Bends, Twists, Flanges, Gaskets and other Components can be supplied. Please contact us. Read More

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Products by The Waveguide Solution

By The Waveguide Solution

The Waveguide Solution flexible waveguides are designed to isolate vibration, eliminate installation difficulties caused by misalignment and to provide a simple aid to positioning and alignment of antennas. Both flexible/twist and flexible only are made from a helically wound waveguide core and... Read more »