Filter Technology Co., Ltd

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2F, Building 1, No.15 Jianxing Road
Chengdu 610051

About Filter Technology Co., Ltd

  • Filter Technology is a professional enterprise of researching and manufacturing microwave passive components. Depending on the geographical advantage and strategical cooperation with UESTC, the products have the professional and reliable technology guarantee in R&D, machining and manufacturing. We have a professional design and R&D team directed by a microelectronics doctor, and 2 senior engineers with over 10 years’ R&D experience.

    The main products we design and produce are filters, diplexers, combiners, splitters, directional couplers, isolators and circulators. They are popularly used in military&civil communication, satellite communication, digital TV, electronic countermeasure. etc. The frequency covers from DC to 20GHz, and the types are band pass, band stop, high pass, low pass, waveguide, cavity and microtrip. Filter Technology always implement ISO9001 quality system to control products’ quality seriously.
Competitors of Filter Technology Co., Ltd
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Products by Filter Technology Co., Ltd

  • LC Filter

    Centre Frequency:3732MHz Centre Frequency Insertion loss: ≤3.0 dB BW at 3db : ≥180 MHz VSWR in the passband : ≤1.5 @f0±70 MHz Rejections relative to Fc: ≥45 dB @ DC to 3421 MHz ≥45dB @ 4043 to 4354 MHz ≥40dB @ from 4354 to 10000 MHz Operating temperature : -25°C to... Read more
  • Directional Couplers

    Directional couplers from Filter Technology Co., Ltd., include the HRT-DC (7500^16000)-10S Directional Coupler. Specs: Frequency Range 7500-16000MHz; Insertion Loss ≤1.0dB(True); Coupling 10±1dB; VSWR Pri. Line ≤1.35:1 Sec. Line ≤1.40:1; Directivity ≥12dB; Frequency Sensitivity ≤±0.75dB; Power... Read more