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About Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Rodelco Electronics Corporation, founded in 1967, is an industry leading supplier of RF and Microwave hardware used in critical military and aerospace applications. With proven RF and microwave products installed on hundreds of different military and aerospace platforms, our customer base has come to rely on us for FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS.

FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS means that Rodelco Electronics is focused on our customers' needs. We utilize our highly skilled, multi-disciplined technical team and state of the art facility to design, develop and manufacture your components or complex integrated microwave assemblies. We specialize in FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS in the areas of Amplifiers, Control Components (PIN Diode Switches and Attenuators), Sources, Converters, Receivers and Integrated Microwave Assemblies. Contact us with your requirements to find why FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS from Rodelco Electronics Corporation is the answer.

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Products by Rodelco Electronics Corporation

By Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Broad Frequency Ranges for standard products 1 to 18 GHz Ultra Fast Switching Times Compact Size Hybrid, Microelectronic Construction Full Military Screening Options SPST to SP8T The introduction of high performance PIN diode switches at Rodelco more than 25 years ago has today... Read more »

By Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Frequency Range 2 to 18 GHz High Levels of Attenuation Low Insertion Loss Fast Switching Speeds Military Screening Options Available Rodelco's PIN diode attenuator product line has developed over the past twenty years to allow our customers the option to select their optimum component... Read more »

By Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Frequency Range 500 MHz to 18 GHz Medium Power (>+37 dBm P1dB) Internal Voltage Regulation and Sequencing Military Screening Options Available For the past twenty years Rodelco has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of RF and Microwave amplifiers. The company specializes... Read more »

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