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About e360microwave, inc.

e360 microwave is building on the goodwill of a California corporation launched in 2007. The new name "e360 microwave" represents all around excellence with RF and microwave technology. The e360 brand also brings a new, broader and more focused direction to the company.

We are a team of industry experts, each with 20+ years of RF/Microwave experience ranging from RF semiconductors to active and passive components to system level solutions. Our executive experience at Fortune 500 corporations where we envisioned, defined and successfully executed on strategic initiatives in engineering, operations and business development shapes our corporate discipline. Coupled with leading several dynamic, highly customer focused start-up companies, affords us with an excellent balance between "structure" and "customer obsession".

e360 microwave offers switching solutions up to 52 GHz in configurations of SPDT, Transfer and SPMT as large as SP12T. All traditional options and features are available including internal terminations, indicators, auto reset and TTL/Decoders. “No NRE” custom designs to your requirements are available including designs to meet form, fit and function requirements of other switch suppliers. Specialized designs for high-power and LoPIM are available. Precision designs afford high repeatability and long cycle life, manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO-9001 certified facility. Fast delivery with very competitive prices. With more than 50 years of experience designing state-of-the-art switching solutions for all markets including semiconductor, consumer electronics, government and Hi-Rel Space – we offer the broadest line of switches in the industry today.

Products by e360microwave, inc.

By e360microwave, inc.

Single-Pole-Double-Throw (SPDT)

This type of switch has three ports: one port in the center often referred to as the common and two output ports on either side of the common. The switch positions are selectable by a single actuation to connect the common and either output port. It is always connected to one or the other output... Read more »

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Transfer switches

e360 microwave offers Transfer switches with either failsafe or latching actuators and covering the frequency range from DC to 30 GHz with a wide variety of connectors types, actuator voltages and other options. These switches are ideal where circuit redundancy is needed. For example switching... Read more »

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Single-Pole-Multi-Throw (SPMT) SP3T-SP6T

This type of coaxial RF / Microwave switch has a common input port and up to six (6) individually selectable output paths. These coaxial switches are available with Normally Open or Latching actuators and with or without internal terminations. We offer a wide selection of models that features... Read more »

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