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  • Directional Antennas

    Antennas with a directional radiating pattern, which send or receive signals from a specific direction as a function of the antenna design. Directional antennas can be designed with higher gain than their omni-directional counterparts but must be more carefully aimed in order to work correctly. Read More
  • Array Antennas

    Array antennas are made up of multiple directional antennas under a common radome, arranged so that each panel covers an individual sector of the antenna pattern, such as 90° or 120°. In combination, these individual sectors act together to provide send and receive coverage 360° around the... Read More
  • GPS Antennas

    GPS antennas provide precise global location and timing services to radios or other electronic systems based on signals recieved from orbiting satellites. Active GPS antennas contain additional electronic components and filters which improve antenna performance. Read More

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  • The Importance of RF Connector Selection in Antenna Design By

    There are a wide variety of RF connector choices available on the market today, offering many options for different application needs. The selection of RF connector represents an important design choice for antennas and other RF systems and components, with many tradeoffs between RF connector... Read more
  • Modern Co-Site RF Interference Issues and Mitigation Techniques By

    RF co-site interference has become a major issue with the proliferation of antennas, particularly in dense urban areas. This paper offers a practical perspective for those using or specifying new RF wireless systems about what RF co-site interference is, where it comes from, and some of the most... Read more
  • Understanding the Basics of MIMO Communication Technology By

    Understanding the Basics of MIMO Communication Technology explores the basics of MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) communication technology, specifically focusing on the current generation of portable, tactical MIMO radios and the antenna technology that help make MIMO an attractive choice for... Read more

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