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  • Electro Rent Corporation

    Electro Rent Corporation offers its customers alternative ways to meet their test and measurement equipment needs. We have almost 50 years of experience in advising customers on their best acquisition approach, including rent, purchase and leasing options and combinations.
  • Optotek Limited

    Specialised RF/Microwave design and test software (MMICAD, Lasimo) Customized hybrid assembly and packaging services.
  • Eagleware-Elanix Corporation

  • Numonics Corporation

  • 2COMU

    Computer and Communication Unlimited (2COMU) is an electromagnetic software and simulation system development company. We have developed a 3-D parallel electromagnetic simulation software ---- GEMS S ---that has been successfully used for solving many electrically large and complex problems by...
  • Vector Fields, Inc.

    The 3D electromagnetic software package CONCERTO is in use worldwide, and is proving to be the fastest, most accurate design software for microwave and RF applications. Features include FDTD (incorporating Conforming Mesh Technology), FEM and MoM analysis options, a thermal module, a unique...
  • PCB Prototyping / Ximetrix Systems

  • Artwork Conversion Software