106 Fairfield Dr
State College, PA 16801

About 2COMU

Computer and Communication Unlimited (2COMU) is an electromagnetic software and simulation system development company. We have developed a 3-D parallel electromagnetic simulation software ---- GEMS S ---that has been successfully used for solving many electrically large and complex problems by combining the computer cluster. We keep a world record using 4,000 CUPs with 90% parallel efficiency to solve one large electromagnetic problem. We provide our customers with the optimized turnkey EM simulation systems such as GEMS workstation, GEMS PC cluster, GEMS Box system, and GEMS Parallel Net System, which integrates GEMS software, hardware, operating system, parallel environment, cluster management, network, I/O and storage systems. Our support team works directly with customers to provide excellent services from problem modeling to simulation, data-post processing and result analyses.

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