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  • Broadband Amplifiers

    The BBA Series is a family of low-cost high-performance broadband RF amplifiers. The modules are ideally suited to a wide range of amplification and buffering applications, including extending the range of Linx RF modules (where legally appropriate). Housed in a compact SMD package, the hybrid... Read More
  • Cipherlinx Technology

    CipherLinx® creates packets of data that consist of an intelligent preamble and address sent in the clear followed by a 40-bit counter, 8 data bits, and 80 integrity bits, for a total of 128 bits that are encrypted. The enciphering function is based on the NSA-designed cipher Skipjack.... Read More
  • ES Series

    Digital and Analog Wireless Module Housed in a tiny SMD package, the ES Series utilizes an advanced FM / FSK-based synthesized architecture to provide superior performance and noise immunity when compared to AM / OOK solutions. An outstanding 56kbps maximum data rate and wide-range analog... Read More
  • HP3 Series

    Multiple Channel Radio Frequency Module The HP3 Series is designed for the cost-effective, high-performance wireless transfer of analog or digital data in the popular 902-928MHz band. All HP3 Series parts feature eight parallel selectable channels and models are available which add serial... Read More
  • HS Series Encoder and Decoder

    HS Series encoders and decoders are designed to provide maximum security for Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) and remote control applications. The series consists of an encoder that will encode the status of up to 8 buttons or contact closures into a highly-secure encrypted transmission, and a decoder... Read More
  • KH2 Series

    RF Transmitters and Receivers with Integrated Encoder and Decoder Chips The KH2 Series RF modules are ideally suited for OEM applications, such as remote control / command, security, and automation. The transmitter module combines a highly optimized SAW-based RF transmitter with an on-board... Read More
  • LC Series Transmitter

    Low Cost RF Transmitter Modules The LC Series is ideally suited for volume use in OEM applications such as remote control, security, identification, and periodic data transfer. Housed in a compact, reflow-compatible surface-mount package, the LC Series modules utilize a highly-optimized SAW... Read More
  • LR Series

    Long Range Wireless Communication Modules The LR Series is ideal for the wireless transfer of serial data, control, or command information in the favorable 260-470MHz band. The receiver's advanced synthesized superhet architecture achieves an outstanding typical sensitivity of -112dBm, which... Read More
  • LT Series

    Long Range RF Transceiver Modules The LT Series transceiver is ideally suited to a diverse range of consumer and industrial applications that require reliable, low-cost, bi-directional communication. It operates in the favorable 260 to 470MHz band, and is designed for full regulatory... Read More
  • MS Series Encoder and Decoder

    MS Series encoders and decoders are ideal for remote control and command, security, keyless entry, and a host of similar applications. The encoder IC allows the status of up to eight buttons or contacts to be transferred with high level of uniqueness via an RF or infrared link. The decoder then... Read More
  • MT Series Transcoder

    MT Series transcoders are designed for bi-directional remote control applications. Eight status lines can be set up in any combination of inputs and outputs for the transfer of button or contact states. An automatic confirmation indicates that the transmission was successfully received. The... Read More
  • RF Connectors

    The final link to optimum RF performance! connectors are a critical and often overlooked factor in determining the range, reliability and legality of any RF-based product. Through its Connector City division Linx offers a wide variety of connector styles and types, each of which is designed to... Read More
  • SG Series GPS Receiver Module

    A high-performance, cost-effective GPS module that is easy to apply The Linx SG Series embeddable GPS module provides a complete high-performance GPS receiver solution in a compact (10x15mm), reflow-compatible SMD package. It utilizes the SiRFstar III low-power chipset which minimizes power... Read More
  • SR Series GPS Receiver Module

    Integral Antenna. No External RF Components Needed! The Linx SR Series embeddable GPS module provides a complete high-performance GPS receiver solution. The module features an integral ceramic patch antenna which lowers cost and eliminates the need for any additional RF components. The... Read More
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