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About Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Micro Lambda Wireless was founded with the purpose of supplying the microwave community with technically superior products at reasonable prices with the highest regard to customer service and quality. Products include YIG oscillators, YIG bandpass & band reject filters, frequency multipliers, phased locked sources and frequency synthesizers.

Products by Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

By Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Permanent Magnet Oscillators (Low Input Power)

Permanent magnet technology delivers our lowest DC voltage (prime power) available and is offered in 2 to 44 GHz standard models and in high performance models up to 44 GHz using frequency doublers. Our surface mount MLSMO and MLOTF series and TO-8 MLTO oscillators are extremely small and offer... Read more »

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By Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Benchtop Band-Pass Filters

YIG Filters for High Performance RF and Microwave Production Test Sets and Laboratory Benchtop Testing Our MLBFP Series benchtop RF/microwave filters are ideal for production test sets, laboratory tests and test equipment racks where sophisticated filtering of RF/microwave signals is required.... Read more »

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By Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Electromagnetic YIG Oscillators (Wide Tuning Range)

MLVG-Series wide band YIG-Tuned oscillators are now available for 5G applications. Covering the frequency bands of 6 to 18 GHz, 8 to 20 GHz and 10 to 21 GHz, these oscillators are perfect for multiplying up to millimeter frequency bands with premium phase noise performance. Standard models... Read more »

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