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  • Cold Traps for condensing and freezing water vapor

    Cold traps are used to condense and freeze or "trap" water vapor. They are often used in a drying process for substation electrical transformer oil. A vacuum pumping system is used to lower the pressure in the transformer case and allow the water to vaporize. The water vapor travels into the... Read More
  • Cryogenically Cooled Thermal Platforms (LN2 or LCO2)

    The T650 family of hot plates was designed to provide an affordable yet reliable approach to conductive thermal testing. They not only offer the lowest purchase cost, but the high quality construction assures the lowest cost of ownership. These hot plates are the quickest and most economical... Read More
  • Liquid Cooled Thermal Platforms

    Liquid cooled thermal platforms or LCTPs use a single phase heat transfer fluid to add to or remove heat from the thermal plate. They are connected to a source of conditioned (cooled and or heated) fluid. The conditioned fluid usually comes from a portable or stationary re-circulating chiller or... Read More
  • Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms

    The ESS, Inc. MRTP thermal platform systems rely upon a closed loop mechanical refrigeration cooling system. This eliminates the need for expendable refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. Eliminating the non-reusable refrigerants also eliminates the purchasing cost and... Read More
  • Standard Cascade Condensing Units

    Conventional single compressor, mechanical refrigeration system condensing units are capable of achieving temperatures of about –40° Celsius. If lower temperatures are required then cascade refrigeration systems must be used. A two-stage cascade system uses two refrigeration systems connected in... Read More
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers (Space Simulation)

    The ESS, Inc. Space Simulation Thermal Chamber or SSTC has been developed to allow simultaneous thermal vacuum testing of electronic components that may be heated and cooled by direct conduction. The SSTC is a fast, portable and cost effective solution for testing components that must be... Read More
  • ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Cold Room Conditioning Systems

    Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) cold rooms can be used for short, medium or long term cold temperature storage of diverse materials from pharmaceuticals to ice core samples. ULT cold rooms typically have a storage temperature of between -80° C to -86° C. Cascade or "two stage" refrigeration plants... Read More
  • ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Gas and Liquid coolers and gas to liquid condensers

    Many process applications require the cooling of gas or liquid or the condensing of gas into liquid. When very cold gas or liquid temperatures or gas to liquid condensing temperatures are required, a standard cascade condensing unit with an integrated evaporator/heat exchanger can be used. Our... Read More

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