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About Shining Star Enterprises

Shining Star Enterprises offers a wide selection of high quality RF / Microwave Coaxial Connectors and interfaces for various applications and industries.
We are known for being able to both manufacture and offer high quality, reliable parts as well as competitive prices and fast shipment of our RF / Microwave coaxial connectors. In addition, we support our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with custom connectors and modified connectors for our customer application need.
All parts listed on the our website are fully stocked (100%).

Shining Star Enterprises is leading Supplier of Coaxial Connectors such as N, QN,1.0/2.3, NEX 10, 4.3/10, 7/16 Din, 4.1/9.5 Mini Din, TNC, BNC, QMA, 2.92mm, SMA,SMB,SMC, SSMB, SSMA, MCX, MMXC, UHF, Mini UHF, FME, MC card, Reverse Polarity for SMA,TNC,BNC,N, MMCX, MCX; PC Mount, Customs Connector, Wi-Fi Connectors for Orinoco and Wave Rider. Also Power divider 2 & 4 ways and antennas(Portable) for Wi-Fi that operates at 2.4~2.5 Ghz frequency.

Products by Shining Star Enterprises

By Shining Star Enterprises

QN Series Connectors QN series connector is design for fast connect / disconnect and derive from 'N" series that share the same internal construction which allows to have same performance. This connector can operate at frequency from DC ~ 11 Ghz. To optimized this connector with low RF leakage (low loss), it is... Read more »

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By Shining Star Enterprises

QMA Series QMA series connectors are quick lock interface connectors that are design for application to perform on DC up to 6 Ghz Read more »

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By Shining Star Enterprises

SMA Series SMA Series connector is a semi precision subminiature version "A" that provide repeatable electrical performance from DC - 12.4 GHZ with flexible cable. Semi Rigid cabling extends the frequency range of of the device to 18 Ghz. These devise offer broadband performance and constant 50 ohm... Read more »

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