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  • RF Connectors

    The series of RF connector – designed and manufactured by ANOISON – are used in the following applications with excellent results. • cabinet to cabinet • panel to filters • racks • PCB • daughtercards to motherboards • various cables interconnections Your choice of which series of connectors... Read More
  • RF Cable Assemblies

    Save yourself time and money by ordering your custom engineered coaxial cable assemblies from Anoison. Anosion cable assemblies include flexible, hand-formable and semi-rigid type cables ranging from 0 to 40GHZ. Cable assemblies can be fitted from our complete line of connectors, ranging from... Read More
  • RF Connectors - QMA

    The original QMA Connectors, designed by manufacturers Huber+Suhner and Radiall, have been available since 2003. Known as QLF* QMA, they simply replaced the threaded connector of the widely used SMA connectors with a quick connect capability. Anoison now offers the next generation of QMA... Read More
  • SMA Subminiature Connectors

    SMA is an acronym for SubMiniature version A and was developed in the 1960's. It's compact design, high durability and outstanding electrical performance have made it one of the most widely used connectors in RF and Microwave applications. Normally utilized in frequency ranges from DC-18 GHz,... Read More
  • HPQN Connectors

    HPQN Connectors, (High Performance Quick-lock N), released by Anoison in 2006, is a quick locking version of the widely used type N connector. By replacing the threaded interface of the original N with a snap-on coupling mechanism, the HPQN series is able to provide 10x faster mating, increased... Read More
  • SMP Blind-mate Connectors

    The new Anoison SMP BLIND-MATE CONNECTOR offer customers a low cost alternative for those applications where the small size of an SMP is desired. They are available in both through hole and surface mount configurations and smooth bore or limited bore interfaces. Anoison SMP micro-miniature... Read More
  • Torque Wrench

    ANOISON torque wrenches are used to properly install or disassemble a wide range of coaxial connectors. This series of torque wrenches is designed with a preset torque value. When the preset torque value is reached, it will "break" and move through a small arc about the pivot pin. Click... Read More
  • RF Coaxial Terminations

    The coaxial termination series - or loads - designed and manufactured by ANOISON are matched to 50 ohms characteristic impedance. These matched loads provide an RF termination designed to absorb all incident power with very little reflection, effectively terminating the line or port in its'... Read More
  • mmWave Terminations

    The standard Anoison millimeter wave terminations cover the frequency range of DC to 67 GHz and are available with 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm connectors. Our 40GHz (2.92mm) series have full power range from 2W to 60W. Our 50GHz (2.4mm) and 67 GHz(1.85mm) are available in 2W versions. We are... Read More

    ANOISON offers high-performance delay lines made from semi-rigid cable in confined space. If you provide such information as the delay time, space constraint, operating frequency, power, and attenuation, we can offer a custom delay line to meet your requirements. Our entry into the "delay line"... Read More
  • End Launch Connectors Operate up to 110 GHz

    Anoison's high performance End Launch Connectors are designed to provide Low VSWR, wideband response to 110 GHz; and, are available in: SMA(27GHz), 2.92mm(40GHz), 2.40mm(50GHz), 1.85mm(67GHz) and 1mm(110GHz). Field replaceable (End Launch Connector) design means connector may be reused and no... Read More
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