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Folsom, CA 95630

About Telemakus, LLC

Telemakus, LLC provides contract RF Design Services. Our members have over 75 years of cumulative experience in the design and development of products for both commercial and military applications. Telemakus specializes in Linear RF Power Ampliifer designs as well as mixed signal multi-function designs to 18 GHz.

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Products by Telemakus, LLC

By Telemakus, LLC

True RMS power sensor with frequency range 50MHz to 6GHz. Dynamic range 50dB and accuracy of 0.5dB. The unit us controlled via USB. This PC software required is stored on internal flash memory which also contains calibration data. Both XP and Vista are supported. Applications include power... Read more »

By Telemakus, LLC

Synthesized RF signal generator covering a range of 1.8-2.7GHZ with a minumum of +6dBm output. The phase noise is -105dBc/Hz at 100KHz offset. The unit is powered and controlled via USB. The control software is stored on the device in flash memory allowing a very fast installation. The GUI... Read more »

By Telemakus, LLC

RF switch with built in pulse modulator covering the frequecy range 100MHz to 6GHZ. Isolation of 30dB at 4GHz and switching speed of 33nS. The switch has a P0.1dB of 29dBm and a IP3 of +49dBm at 6GHz. The internal pusle modulator function allows the user to set pulse width and rate using a PC... Read more »