ELDAAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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304, 2nd Floor, Oxford Chambers,, Rustambagh, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli
Bangalore, Bangalore - India 560017

About ELDAAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • ELDAAS Technologies offers cutting edge Services to the global electronics players.

    We are providing "Turnkey" solutions in Embedded Design ,RF Design, RF Simulation, MODEM(16/64/128/256-QAM) algorithms Development, PCB Design, Signal Integrity Simulation, PCB Production and PCB Assembly services to the Electronic Industry.

    Our design services are in the below domains to Electronic Industry.

    1. Embedded Design
    2. VLSI Design
    3. RF Design
    4. RF Simulation
    5. MODEM(16/64/128/256-QAM)Algorithms Development
    6. Multi-layer, High dense PCB Design
    7. Signal Integrity Simulation
    8. PCB Production
    9. PCB Assembly Services
    10. Component sourcing Services
    11. Proto and volume PCB production support
    12. Testing and verification of any hardware.

    If you need any service or support from ELDAAS please feel free to mail/call me back or you can visit www.eldaas.com
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Products by ELDAAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Digital Repeater

    Existing repeaters use analog technology and typically only provide one channel for the forward path and one channel for the reverse path. To obtain significant adjacent channel rejection, the RF signal must be converted to a fixed Intermediate Frequency (IF). Thus, each channel in a traditional... Read more

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  • Rugged Tablet

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