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Ever have that great feeling of bringing home some stuff you're real excited about? We're talking new truck, new puppy, new TV, or maybe that brand new smartphone you've been eyeing? We can relate. It makes you feel like a kid again.

Problem is, sometimes that stuff doesn't work right. Trucks need gas, pups need food, TVs need cable...and smartphones need signal.

We know good signal.

While we may not be experts in gas, pup food, or cable television, we do know a thing or two about signal. In fact, we love it. Like, a lot. We've been in the business of improving it for a decade. Imagine that feeling again - that's us every time we get a new antenna or piece of cable to test.

We call ourselves Bolton. That's short for Bolton Technical, but don't worry about that last part. We're not your high school science teacher. We're more like that geeky friend you know who can always get your stuff working better than ever.

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By Bolton Technical

The Big Dog, the Flagship, the Boss Antenna. This thing is the real deal. - 50 Ohm Antenna with Up to 20 Miles of Range - Up to +28dBi of Gain, N-Female Termination - For ALL Cellular and WiFi Bandwidths - Designed for 5G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi 6, and More Read more »

By Bolton Technical

We’ve got cross-performance covered. - 2 X 2 MIMO High Gain Directional Antenna - Covers 617-3800Mhz cellular frequencies - Up to +11 dBi of gain - 50 Ohm 5G Ready - Ideal for direct connection to a MIMO cellular router, modem, or hotspot Read more »

By Bolton Technical

We’ve got cross-performance covered. - 50 Ohm 5G Ready MIMO Antenna - Covers 617-3800MHz cellular frequencies - Cross-polarization for optimal performance - Up to +11 dBi of gain, N-Female termination - Ideal for direct connection to a MIMO cellular router, modem, or hotspot Read more »

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