Axon Cable SAS

2 Route de Chalons en Champagne
Montmirail, 51210

About Axon Cable SAS

Axon' Cable manufactures wires, custom designed cables, cable assemblies and connectors for high tech applications. The company specializes in the manufacture of microwave coaxial cable assemblies and lightweight coaxial cables for aeronautics, military and space applications. Axon' also offers custom designed micro D connectors including combo D connectors. The Axon' Combo micro D connectors are miniature connectors which accomodate a mixture of power and coaxial cables, along with regular signal wires, all in one compact body.

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Products by Axon Cable SAS

By Axon Cable SAS

Axon'Cable offers microwave coaxial assemblies with very low losses. They are mainly used as measurement and equipment assemblies, as well as for antennae. In the aeronautics field, they are used for radar, antennae, surveillance systems. Axon' microwave coaxial assemblies are used in a... Read more »

By Axon Cable SAS

30% ! This is the weight saved by the lightweight coaxial cables manufactured by Axon' Cable originally designed for the cabling of aircrafts and helicopters. They are light and thin and exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical performance. Small and highly performing How to keep the... Read more »