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Santa Clara, CA 95054-3174

About Omniyig Inc.

Omniyig consistently maintains and continues technology improvement with expansions in Yig technology and new products. To the present date, Onmiyig continues to develop a plethora of proprietary and Yig-tuned filter and oscillator designs for military programs and commercial applications. Today, Omniyig has a complete and robust product line of microwave components. The indicated catalog items are but a few of the many thousands of designs Omniyig develops and builds for our customers.

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Products by Omniyig Inc.

By Omniyig Inc.

Multi Tracking, Multi Octave, Multi Stages, Mini Cubes! Two stage, dual two-stage, three-stage, four-stage, six-stage, eight-stage and ten-stage units. Standard octave and multi-octave designs from 0.3 to 18 GHz. Fast switching octave and multi-octave designs. Minicube size. Propietary... Read more »

By Omniyig Inc.

Omniyig's standard YIG-tuned Oscillators are electronically tuned in multi-octave bands. These units features a novel coupling technique tp provide maximum RF power output, extended tuning frequency range and a lower second harmonic and other spurious responses. The superb linearity of these... Read more »

By Omniyig Inc.

The Omniyig YIG Tuned Harmonic Multiplier series has been designed to electronically tune in octave and multi-octave bands and to provide harmonics of the input frequency with the extreme purity. Applications include octave and multi-octave sweepers, frequency synthesizers, C-band... Read more »

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